If you had the Chance, would you Change your life?

This question is the hardest to find an answer to. I mean, we are not talking about the future, but your past. If someone comes to you and tells you that you will have the opportunity to change one thing in your past, would you do it? Or would you respectfully deny the opportunity?

Before to say anything, i would like to figure out what’s life really is. For me life is the results of all the decisions we have taken so far. It doesn’t matter how big those decision were and when or where you took them, they have brought you in exactly where you are right now. The question now is: are you happy with your life? That’s right now the key question, because if you love COMPLETELY your life, you would not even think to change something in your life. But how many of us really love the life we are living? Yes, maybe we are satisfyed or maybe we have just accepted what we have and we try to take the best out from it. I am pretty sure that the biggest part of us would change something.

If you wanted to change something, what would it be?

As i said, we are talking about one decision we have taken in our entire life. It can be everything, literally everything. Because we think about the “big picture”, but sometimes the thing we have to change is the stupidest one: maybe instead of waking up at 7 AM in a specific day, you need to wake up 5 minutes earlier or later; maybe you need to turn right, instead of left or maybe you need to pay cash instead with the credit card. Think of all the time you woke up at 7 AM, you turn left or you paid with credit card. Those moments are countless, for sure more than you can even remember, because sometimes we do thos things instinctly, without even paying attention to it. We just do it. Maybe the small decision you have to change is one you don’t remember at all. And even if you do, are you sure what you are doing?

Let’s say that you come back to the past in that specific moment in time, you want to change so bad, and you change it. Then, what’s next? What’s gonna happen? I’m gonna tell you what will happen: your life won’t be the same. You changed something, which means that you present will change. Maybe before your change you were married, you had a wonderful family, lot of friends, a nice job and a pretty good bank account. Are you sure you will have the same things? Maybe you are not married and the pertner you love doesn’t even know you and lives with another person, maybe your job is not that good anymore and maybe some or all of your friends are gone. Who knows? You don’t for sure.

Apart from the change, are you really ready to come back into your past? Lives are differents and it might be a good past or a bad past. For me, for example, it was a good past until a specific moment in time, then everything fell apart all of a sudden. It was 50% my fault, because i know now that i could do things differently especially at school, but the other 50% was something i could not control. To be honest, i am not sure if i am ready to live my past again: see and talk with that people, live the same bad situations all over again…i don’t know if i would be able to do that. Even if i would be ready to get through that pain again, i have no certainty that i will have the results i expected. No, it’s just too risky!

In my personal case, i would never EVER change my past. I know exactly what i would change i how i would change it, but i would never do that. I would rather focus my entire effort on my future and my present, the two things i can control The past is gone. The only thing i can do with the past is to learn what i did wrong and try not to make that mistake anymore. And that’s more than enough.

You? If you had a chace to change something, would you do that?

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3 thoughts on “If you had the Chance, would you Change your life?

  1. Also, Happy New Year Mauro! 2021 is now going to be the past…it will pass in the wink of an eye. May 2022 be even better. A new start altogether!

  2. Nice post. Thinking twice, our past has shaped us to form who we are right now! Where we stand is completely due to our past, our mistakes. Full of the tough decisions of life, it still is the past that plays a very vital role in shaping our future. So, I don’t think I would change it either! Very interesting question indeed!

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