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Finally we are in the 2022…after what happened in 2021, it’s time for us to have something fresh. It’s a new year, 365 days where everything can happen. So, with that in mind, it’s time for me to make my personal “New Years Resolution”, things i wish to do, but in the end i won’t do. Ready to read my personal future failures =)?

What do i wish for 2022?

Health for me and my family. It sound maybe a little bit like a broken record, i can understand that, but in the time we are living, where people get sick badly and die, being and staying healthy is the key. If i get sick or die, how can i make my resolutions reality? I can’t. So, make sure that my family and myself will still be healthy throughout the entire year, untile the very the end is the most important thing for me.

I want to make my blog a platform where everyone can enjoy to talk with me and with others through my post. I know, it’s a little bit pretencious, but i want to create a place where people can read wat i have to say and they can fell free to comment and expose their opinions and start a pleasent exchange of idea with me or with others. I don’t want to be the blogger who is above the fans, i want to be the blogger together with the fans. I’m not better than anyone, i’m just a random guy who share his thoughts, like you do costantly with your family and friends. The only different is that i do that in front of the entire world. At the end of 2022 i would love to see a huge engagement and lot of people who really enjoy the conversations through nice words. That would be the best Christmas present i could have.

I could easily say “i want to make money“, but in 2021 i realised personally that a huge amount of money are not so important: too much effort and too many sacrifices. Once you get enough money to bring some food on the table, to pay the bills, to buy clothes, to have a decent house and a car it’s all good for me. Of couse, i want to have my income from my blog, that would be great, but i don’t look for richness. My priority is to be healthy and happy, even if money are not so that much…that’s what really counts in my life.

Love is not actually something i will look for. I would love to meet new people, and maybe have fun with lot of women, but i don’t look for a relationship. I’m not ready to get into something time anf energy consuming. But i want to meet new people, talk with them and see what they have to offer.

Travel would be great, especially for my column (funny country review). It’s nice to know new realities and it would be even better to know them personally and not trought someone else’s words or a screen. So, if countries all around the world will invite me to know their tradition, food and what they have to offer, i will be very happy to accept the invitation.

Yes, that’s my new year’s resolution. Some of them are more possible than the other, but i think that all those wishes are possible. With just some luck and lot of hard work, everthing can happen.

What’s yours new year’s resolution?

Thank you for being here and we see you next year!

See ya


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  1. Happy New Year my friend! Also, do not lose hope! Personally, I think, people should always try to keep their New-Year Resolutions. Keep up the good work of this year! Have a great, fresh start to a new life!

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