“World is free of opportunity”, “if you work hard you can achieve whatever you want!”, “Dedication and time will always pay off!”. Is it true? I mean, those catchphrases are used everwhere and are also a wonderful way to make some followers on your social media account. Are these words true and applicable to everyone?

My honest answer? No, absolutely not! Even if we are all super smart and talented we don’t have the same opportunities to shine and have the success we always dream of.

Let’s take a look of two differents scenarios: a teenager is the so called “free world” and another teenager in a country were freedoms are not guaranteed. Let’s say that those two young adults have the same talent and they are equally smart. Who do you think will be able to define him or herself?

Do we want to start from the part of the world with less freedom?

Think of a country where freedoms are not exaclty the most important thing in the world. Choose one country, randomly (the choice is pretty wide right now). No matter how talented or smart the teenager is, he or she will have very hard time to define herself, because that poor guy or girl just doesn’t have the opportunity to do that. Maybe social media are forbidden, maybe the job he or she wants to do is not available in that country or maybe the way people thing in that country doesn’t allow him or her to become something else…something different. You will be force to do what the country tells you to do. And that’s typical for a country with none or less freedoms. And often, there’s no way out from it, because escaping is not an option…or maybe it is, but put its own life on the line is not something everyone would do easily. So, if you have a dream, in a country with no freedom, this dream will be impossible to achieve and turn into reality. And tha’t a fact! If you don’t believe me, there are tons of stories of refugees around the world who escape from their homeland to have just a little hope to survive and then to try to make your dreams happen.

Now, we have the other side of the world, the so called “free world” where freedoms are the most important things in the universe. So it seems to be, at least. Is the situation better? You may thing “of course”, and you might have right, but is it really so? Let me be a little bit clearer.

The free world is called like that because in this part of the world everyone can do everything. If you have an idea you can try to develop it and make it real. Are we sure about that? Because i don’t think it’s exactly how the world works. I leave in Germany and i was born and live for two decades in Italy. So, i can say that i have been spending my entire life in the free world…a world free of opportunities and lot of money waiting for you.
Until a couple of year ago i would have agreed with the last sentences. Now i think it’s just a facade. You just can’t define yourself either in the free world.
The teenager in the free world has more freedoms and it’s true. Even if you don’t believe it, we are free. However, he or she will have the same opportunity to shine to the teenager in the country with no freedom. Why? Because of money. The free world has a huge problem: everything turns around money. The more money you have, the more door can you open and walk through. If you are born poor, your opportunity to have a good education are low, not because you are stupid, but because sometimes education is pretty expencive and parent can’t afford that. Tha poor teenager have to work twice or three times harder than a rich teenager to get where he or she wants to be. “Well, The “poor” guy or girl can use his or her talent to make it through” you can say. And itmight be right. There’s only one problem: not all the teenager have a specific talent. There are out there kids who live in a poor family and don’t possess any kind of talent and for them dreams are already over. They can find a job, they can have a house and a family, but dreams are something they can’t afford. Don’t you believe me? America is a perfect example: black teenager can make through in life only if they play good in some sports, but if a black teenager doesn’t have any kind of talent, the dreams of a better life are impossible, because he or she can’t afford to go to College or University with its owon money. And the same happens in Europe and in the entire free world. The less money you have, the less door are open…and often those doors are not that great.

If you think about it, we are not any different from a dictatorship. No, wait! I’m sorry. There’s a huge difference: they practice control with laws, we do with money. Sad.

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