SuperPowers #1: Know Everything

Superpowers are something that drives me crazy in a positive way. I love to think how life would be if we were in the position to possess some of the incredible abilities we see in the “DC” or “MCU movies”. In this post i would want to talk about one of the most amazing superpower one can have, in my personal opinion: knowing everything. How amazing would it be?

Little disclaimer: for knowing everything means that the entire human knowledge is in your brain and always available. I am not talking about knowing the future, because this is prescience and it’s a complete another story.

My question right now is: how would be to know everything? It would be insane, let me tell you. You would not need to learn anything because you would know it already. Schools for you would be absolutely useless, because you would be better than all the people in the building together. Your brain would be way much better than any other brain in history. For you, talking about everything, and switching from a topic to another, would be as easy as drinking a glass of water, but fot the other it would be like seeing a divinity or something like that.
I mean, how could you define a teenager, who would be able to cure cancer, without having read any book or having studied at University, while he or she talks about quantum?

That person would be technically a God. Not a God with the power to fly or read someone esle’s minds, but for that person everything would be possible. Can you only imagine what you could do with that ability? You will be the saviour or the destroyer of the world. Let’s start from the good part of the story.

Let’s say that you will be the savior of the world. Which means that you would put your entire knowledge to make the world a better place.
You could find a cure for every possible illness, even the ones with no cure in the moment, you could combine human body with robotics (like Cyberpunk 2077), you will be able to find the way to escape from death and make sure that humanity can live longer and healthy. Food would not be a problem anymore. With your knowledge you will be able to replicate the food with just a machine or you can make possible to feed humanity with only a pills with all the necessary element for living healthy. I don’t know, i am letting my imagination run wild, but it’s technically everything possible.
Climate change would be history. With all that knowledge you possess, you can close the ozone hole and save this world in few days maybe, insead of years. More than that, you can invent a way to have endless and clean energy forever. Listen, there’s no limit here of the thing you can do.
And you can predict the future with statistic and math. People do that already, but they are “only” human being with a limited knowledge and they fail. You are different: with the brain you have, it will be for you no problem whatsoever to write an algorithm, predict the future and never fail. And this algorithm could be applied on every single field. Can you imagine how much money could you make at Wall Street?
The opportunity to make something good are pretty big and pretty much. However, there are also the other side of the medal.

Let’s imagine that you decide that you want to make something bad, because you are evil. Knwowing everything means that you know how to create ways to destroy or hurt humanity that humanity itself doesn’t know or can’t just imagine. Being so superior means that you can have humanity on your feet, because if you want, you can destroy everything and rebuild it…because you know also how to re-create destroyed things. Probably one botton and you might be able to annihilate everyone. It’s a pretty huge power. How does it feel to be the king and ruler of the world? Not bad, i guess.

It’s amazing and terrifying to know that someone like that might exist. It’s almost impossible, but it might happen. If you were the one with that huge brain, which side would you choose? The light or the darkness?

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