What would do you if you were GOD?

I know, now i am thinking too big, however this is something i would love to talk about. You go to bed as a normal human being and you wake up the next day as powerful as the All-Mighty. You will know everything and you can also do or preditc everthing. What would you do with that amount of power?

There are a lot we could do if we had all the possible powers. We could stop war and reach the “world’s peace”, we can make sure that everyone of us is rich, has always something to eat, to drink and every opportunity to shine and show the whole world who they really are. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The question now is the following: would you do it? Would you really use your power to save the world? I tell you what i would do if i were God.

Absolutely nothing. Right now i sound like a bad person, i understand that, but let’s face reality: i have never thought about the others and often the other have done everything in their power to destroy my inner peace and my mental health. Why should i make someone happy when that person would do everything in his or her power to push me down?
I am not cathastrophic, but it’s reality: we are opportunistic, selfish and we use often the other to achive what we need. It happens at work (too often sadly) and sometimes with friends and into relationships. More than that, as a God, i would never EVER directly change someone else’s destiny, because it’s too complicated. I would rather observe the world from a position of superiority.

I would probably help humanity, not because i am a good person, but only if i can have something back. For example, i would do something for the peace, of course, but only because i want to have the freedom to go wherever i want without being worried of kidnapping or death. If i want to go in certain controvrsial countries, i want to do that without any kind of fear.

I would solve the problem of the “climate change”. I don’t want to suffer just because summers are too hot and water is not enough for everybody. I want to live in a Earth that allows me to live decently, without suffering for too much heat or too less water (sometimes due to both reasons). If, with my move, i will help other people it’s not something i “wanted” in the first place…i would be happy for them, but i don’t solve the climate problem for them, but for mylself. I’m scared to die and if this move will help me to live longer, so i will solve the problem. Humanity can thank (and also pay) me later.

Would i cure everyone? Uhm…that’s interesting. Would curing someone else give me something? Hell Yeah! If anyone doesn’t get sick or die for some uncurable illness means that also my family and my future love of my life and maybe children don’t die for some very bad illness. That would be awesome for me, because i knew already that the woman i would love doesn’t get sick and i don’t have to be worried about it. We can both enjoy our relationship and family knowing that the only way we are gonna leave this life is because we run out of time one day. Can you imagine how fantastic and much easier life can be?

Howevery, money is something i would keep for myself. I would not make anyone else rich. I would use my endless powers to become so rich that you would not even believe it. I would use my power to make someone rich only if this person really deserve it. There are out there people who are very mean, but they mask their intentions just to get what they want and there are also very nice and good people who doesn’t have what they deserve because of bad luck or other mean people. Probably i would make someone rich, but only the “worthy one”. How could i know who’s worthy or not?
Remember? I have God’s power…i know everything…and i would know who’s good or who’s bad.

As you have probably already imagined, i would not be a good God. Sorry about that, but my experience tells me not to trust anyone. I would think of myself first. If someone will take some kind of advantage, as a collateral effect, good for them! it’s not something i have planned in the first place.

What about you? Would you be as selfish as myself or were you much more generous ad Gods?

See ya


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