Being a Blogger #22: The “Perfect” schedule!

I have talked about the reason why you should keep a good schedule if you want to have a healthy and wonderful experience with your blog. Now i want to go a step forward: How full must be your schedule to get where you need to go? Is there somewhere a perfect combination valid for everyone? Let’s see…

A standard schedule for everyone…well, either you live in a fantasyland or you need maybe to think a little bit better about blogging. There are too many uncertainty in life, but one thing is sure: there’s no standard schedule. Sorry to break you little heart, but this is life sometimes. If you want to open you blog, you need to create your schedule based on your topic, goals and time you want for you (because blogging must not be ad addiction). Once you decide that, you can decide how often you want to publish.

My personal opinion, however, says that there are three different kind of “being present” in internet and they go along with your situation: a rookie, someone who’s growing and the one to the top. Let’s start to the second phase.

Growing means that you are not anymore a rookie and people in internet have started to realise that you are here. Maybe some of them are even interested in reading your content. Your community grows on a daily base (sometimes massively, sometimes less) and the interaction are every time more. You are in the sweet spot where your statistic are going high. It’s a wonderful moment and you feel that you are on the right path. But you have to keep this momentum as much as you can possibly can. So, how often should you post in this phase? Well, i think that posting on a daily base is not a bad idea after all. Maybe you can even try to post three/four times a week. The key here is not to push yourself as much as you can, but let keep going what’s going on. And to do that, you need to be present, but you don’t need to exaggerate, because your blog is growing for yourself. The key is to make sure that your community hears from you regularly and, much more important, you must interact with the comment. In this specific way you are getting someone, but you are not someone yet, which means that you are in the labil position where you can gain a lot and lose everything if you don’t interact properly with your fans. In this phase, intractions are much more important than contents.

Now i talk about the rookie. You are in a complete different position. There are two main differences between this phase the the previous one: internet doesn’t know your existance and you are pretty alone. Right here is crucial to let people know that you are here and what you are offering. How to do that? It’s time for you to work hard. The more you post, the more chances you have to be noticed. In this moment, quantity is more important than quality. You HAVE, of course, post something good and interesting, but it must not be super worthy, and you have to do that on a daily base, twice a day if you can. The more you post, the higher are the chance to be noticed. If you write something awesome once a month, i can tell you right now that nobody will see it. On the contrary, “arm” contents but more often are more likely to be seen and appreciated. When you start, you have to push to make sure that you may be seen by others. However, your content must be good. You can “spam” yourself, but your content must be good.

Then you have the third phase, the last and the most amazing one. You finally did it! You are established, internet knows who you are and maybe even outside internet people know you. It’s an amazing time: you will have a huge community, maybe still growing, and a huge amount of interactions. You are maybe so loved that you don’t even need to post anymore. The point is to stay established. So, interact with your follower and take care of your business. You can post something, but it’s not necessary anymore to post daily or multiple time a week. Maybe once a week, on a specific date and time, it’s enough, because with that post you will have a huge amount of likes, views and comments…and maybe followers. Of course, you can post daily, it’s not a necessity anymore, but you do it because you like it. This is the best moment. A lot of stress is over and you can focus on yourself much more and with more time your content will be much better, because you can focus on it much longer!

As i said, there’s not a standard schedule, but depending on when you are, you have to be careful on different things. More than that, take care of your post, be happy and keep working hard!

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