Is knowing the SPACE necessary?

I am not a kind of guy who hate science. Absolutely not! I am of the opinion that we have to invest as much money as we can to make sure that scientist can work properly. However, i have just little question for you all: is astronomy a science to invest on?

In the 21st Century we have a lot of sciences, like biology or anatomy for example. And we have astrology. Astrology is the science which helps us to know the universe around us. Since the NASA an was founded we have collected a huge amount of information about stars, black holes, other planet and costellations. My question is: are those information somehow useful?

I have a very controversial feeling about astrology. One one side it’s fascinating to know the universe we are in, but on the other side i am wondering if those billions of dollars are spend in the best possible way. In the 60s, we went to the moon for the first time, then we organized different other missions, but then we have stopped the program. Now we are focused on Mars, just to see if this planet might be suitable for a human colony in the future. On top of that, we are sending satellites and sondes to understand what’s inside other galaxies and if there’s other planets like Earth.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but i have the very weird feeling that we don’t care of this planet and we are trying to find other planet, we can slowly destroy, once we are done with this one. Am i the only one thinking like that? Just think about Mars. We are sendind robots to collect materials and information from the “Red Planet” just to understand if humanity can survive on it. I don’t want to sound too naive, but we have already a planet where we can live easily…this one. On Earth we can breath and have drinkable water. Why do we have to find another home for us? Can’t we just save this one we have? Instead of investing billions of dollars in the research fro new technology to allow us to move faster in the space or create colonies on another planet, why don’t we invest that same money to save Earth? Am i too stupid?

Or thinking about knowing other galaxies or how the universe was created. I mean, it’s fascinating, i quite get that, but is it necessary? Once i know how the universe exploded or how other galaxies works, do i have some kind of application in my daily life of this knowledge? Listen people, we are small compared to this solar system, insignificant to this galaxy. We are so small that we need thousands of years just to cross the “Milky Way” and even more other thousands of years to reach another galaxy. Is there so necessary to learn about other galaxies when we will never be able to get there?
“If we don’t start today, we will never be able to reach them!” you may say. You are right, but instead of planning to build a colony on Mars, why don’t we spend all this billions of dollars to create an engine who can allow us to travel on other galaxies way much faster than we would do in light speed? It’s for me weird, and a huge waste or time, to look and study something i will never be able to reach.

For that reason i don’t quite get the utility of astrology. If we are talking about to learn and understand how our galaxy works and to create some protection for this planet, i can understand, because i would want to know if something outside the solar system can threat my existance and i want something to destroy this potencial threat. In that case i would spend all those money, because it’s something i can use daily, because i want to save my life every single day. What about, however, other galaxies? Is there so important to know if there are bigger stars than our sun or planet like Earth out there? Maybe in a half a billion years, where the sun would start to turn into a supernova. Right now, with the planet that is not in a good shape, can we just afford to spend all those money?

My opinion? No. Astrology is a “not-crucial” science that can be exercised only if there’s no other bigger or urgent problem. Right now, Jupiter or Saturn can wait. First we need to save our planet and protect it. Once we did, we can keep contunue looking outside the window.

What’s yours opinion about it? Is the space a priority?

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