Sex an Pregnancy: How To Have Success?

No, it’s not exactly what you are thinking of. I am not going to talk about sex (there are other pages). Right now i want to talk about what you need to do to get pregnant. Because for some reason lot of couple struggle a lot when they are “on the mission” to become parents. Is there any recepy to make things happen?

Oh, little disclaimer: the entire post is based on a “man and woman” couple. I have nothing against with gay or lesbian couples, but for them it’s a little bit different to have a baby.

The performance anxiety in sex

How to make a woman pregnant? Well, technically only one…and we all know that: keep pushing. The thing that drives me crazy is the following one: how is it possible to have so much trouble to make your woman pregnant? Men around the world are often so proud of their abilities in the bedroom, and they sometimes get pregnant women easily when they don’t want to, but when it’s time to play in the “big-time-league” they fail miserably…or maybe there’s something more?

The problems are two: the woman and the will to “push all the way through”. Let’s start with the second reason, because the first one is a little bit more complicated…as typical for a woman (i’m joking…please don’t get too mad, dear women!).

The will to have sex to become parents

We are not talking about having a wild, hot, sexy, sweaty and screaming night. Well…not only, at least! In the specific moment when you both decide “yes, we are ready to become parents“, the way you do certain thing doesn’t really matter. I mean, you could still do wild and twisty things (you are free to choose), but it’s not so necessary.

The only reason why you get in bed together, if you are trying to have a baby, is to make sure to have a little, sweet, smiley and adorable crawling toddler around the house. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, maybe you will have still feeling in those moments, because you are madly in love with your partner, and you will still reach the “physical happiness”, because your partner is good, but that is not what you are looking for at first. What you are looking for is something else…and we know what it is!

So, the ideal tactic would be “be pragmatic and do it as much as you can possibly can”: in the morning, in the afternoon in the evening, in the kitchen, in the shower, on the washing-machine, on the floor, on the couch. I mean, you have to push. You can’t say “i want to become a parent” and then trying only few times a months. Every day, more times a day if necessary. That’s the pace you have to keep to get the job done!

Am i exaggerating? Well, maybe, but the reason why i say that is because of the second problem: your woman.

Women as an “obstacle” for sex and pregnancy?

My dear man, your woman is not fertile all the time. No, she’s not, and if you didn’t know that, you have a little problem, my future dad! Just get naked once and do what you have to do is not often enough, because you both might have picked the wrong time (yes, women has a specific moments where they are “ready” to receive what men give them).

She can tell men “i’m in the right spot”, but it’s not a certainty of success. Just to spice things a little bit more up, the period is different from woman to woman: there are woman on time and other where the uterus does what it wants. To be sure to become parents nine months later, the more often you do the nasty, the higher are the chances of success. So, my dear man and woman, you both know what to do: get naked and do some aerobics.

Reading so far, i have the feeling that it’s easy, doesn’t it? So, why is it so hard to have a baby for lot of couples?

Mental Health and Outside Influence.

Mental Health

The big problem is that we are not all the time ready. Maybe we have too much stress, maybe we are tired, we are sick, we can physically have sex often or we are not in the mood to do that. We don’t work as machines, every person and body are different and we have also to respect your partner “weaknesses”. So, since we are not “always” ready, you can’t even try all day, multiple times a day. It’s impossible.

Do you really want that baby? Well, the recepy is simple: try to be “always” ready….at least as often as you can. Which means you must be always in the mood to try. Which means, my dear couple all around the world, take care of yourselves, stay away from stress coming from the outside and live the moments, you try to have a baby, as a moment of joy and not as a constriction. It’s not an easy task, because the world loves to screw your plans, but if you do that, you will be in the labor sooner than you expect.

Outside Influence

Even the world outside is a huge obstacle in a relationship. There are people who don’t care what happen outside their houses and leave the fears and worries outside the front door, and other people who just can’t. We live in unison with the world around us and we react accordingly with what happens. If the moment is a happy moment, we are also happy and when the moment is bad, we are maybe sad, angry, worried or frustrated. That’s life.

And that’s is a problem if you are trying to have a baby. Our mind will define our success. If you are not in the mood to have sex, you won’t have sex. Which means that a baby will never come. Make sure, if you want to be a father, to be in a positive mood as much as you can and respect your mind. If it says “No”, it’s no! Don’t rush things!

What you think…am i right?

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