Where’s the limit of Comedy?

Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah, Ricky Gervais are only few of the huge amount of people who are able to entertain people on a stage with only a microphone. There are also people who entertain other on other platform, like TVs and Youtube, but the thought i have in mind doesn’t change too much: must be there for a comedian “limit” or “censorships”?

Being a comedians menas that you are on the stage (physical or digital), with the microphone in the hand with one mission in mind: tells jokes for a couple of hours and make people laugh as hard as they can possibly can. in 95% of the cases you will laugh so hard that you will have hard time to catch a breath, but on the other 5% of the cases people won’t like what the comedian tells. The problem is not the fact that people don’t like sometimes what comedians say (we are human being and we don’t think the same), but the aftermath. And with aftermath i mean the comments on social media or the review on magazine or online. Often those “criticisms” are the same: “you are my favorite comedian, but you should not say this or that thing”.
Must comedian have some sort of limitation?

I want to start with something Trevor Noah said. He was on “Hot Ones” and he said something like that “The jokes are funny as long as they are not about you!” I think that’s he’s the jackpot right there.

Comedians tell jokes on the stage talking about everyone and often those someone are celebrities. Some of those celebrities are fine with the jokes, other hate that someone jokes about them.
Or Comedians joke about some facts happened or they joke even about someone’s death (the so called black humor). Does comedian have to respect the other’s feelings?

My answer is “No” to both questions. Comedians must be free to say whatever they want, without any kind of limitation, and joke about everything they want. The problem with comedians is the hypocrisy. For example, i love Kevin Hart as a comedian. I think that his shows are absolutely stunning. When i watch him on youtube i laugh so hard because he jokes often about himself or someone else. It might happen that one day, for some very weird reason, he might joke about me, because i am so famous that he will know me, either through magazines and social media or personally. If something like that happens, what would i do? Would i say something bad against him? Absolutely not! Not because i can’t, but because i would be an hypocrit.

I can’t complain about him because he joked about me, but laugh when he talks about someone else. This would not be fair. If you like comedy, you have to like it all the time, not only when it’s far away from you.

Jokes are the expression of freedom. In my opinion, there’s no better moment where the freedom of speech is exercised. The comedian must be, in that two hours or in any other events, feel free to say whatever he or she wants without any fear of reading too much negatives comments the next day.

Although i said until this moment that comedians must be free to say whatever they want, they have maybe only one rule: don’t insult or say anything false about the person the comedian is joking about. It’s not good when the jokes turn into a insult or they judge. In that specific moment, the comedian doesn’t do the comedian anymore, but it becomes a judge or a “fake-news-spreader”…and there’s nothing worst than a judge masked as a comedian. Comedian must joke without taking any kind of position or speading some kind of false news. We need to laugh when we hear some jokes, not getting mad!

And you? Do you think that comedian must have limitations?

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