Gym and women: What’s the relationship?

Fitness is a good thing. If you are not forced to do that, it helps you to get in shape, to be healthy and feel better with your body. However, for men and women the goals in fitness are pretty different. So, the question is: what would be the goals for a woman once they are in the gym?

Why Gym are so full?

Gym as rehabilitation.

The key is to understand why we go to the gym. For some of us is something related to our health: we want to lose weight, because we are too big, we need some rehabilitation after an injury or because we need to make sure that our body work is a specific way. Those reason are all good ones. But those people are maybe only the 10% of the entire amount of people who go to the gym. What about the other 90%?

Gym for the Narcissism.

The rest goes there because either they are narcissist or because “they have to”. Being a narcissist is not a crime. There’s nothing wrong with that. I am probably the biggest narcissist of all time and i love it. We all love to look as best as we could. However we love something else even more: a compliment from someone else. We go to the gym, because we “want to make something for ourselves“, but between the line you can easily read “i did it because i want the other’s appreciation.

Gym for Being accepted.

On the other side, sadly, people go to the gym, because they have to. Maybe they are facing some bodyshaming, people around them doesn’t entirely accept them for who they are or they need it to have a job opportunity. It doesn’t really matter, the point is that we go to the gym not only for ourselves, but also for the others.

I have not still answered the question though: what is the goal for a woman in the gym? Unluckily, for the majority of the women, the last reason is the most spread one. There’s no space for narcissism in the female part of humanity. They go to the gym to have a change to make money and have a decent life.

What do men want?

Female Standards Of Fitness

Unconsciously or not, women want to please men. Always was and always will be. So, they do everything to make them happy. So, the question is: what does a man want from a woman? Physically men need basically two things: a woman must be thin, flexible and a perfectly round lower back. Once a woman gets into the gym, she should need to take in mind this three goals: an athletic aspect, she must be as flexible as possible and she need to work on her lower back, without working too hard on the legs, because too big legs don’t look good.

Women should forget to have too much muscles, because muscles are only allowed on men. A woman must be in a perfect shape, athletic, a flat belly, but no muscle whatsoever. Men don’t like women with muscles, not because women are not “sexy”, but because often the men is lazy, with a big belly and he doesn’t want to fell bad with himself, looking his woman have a perfect body shape.

Forget about the love story where a “curvy” woman found love with an handsome man. It happen only in the movies. In the real life, only the 0,00000000001% of the couple are made my a curvy woman and a Chris Hamsworth kinda guy. Oh, and if they need a job, sometimes they have to match some physical requests.

Gym as a job opportunity.

Don’t you believe me? Just take a look around, especially on TV and on Instagram. How do all the women look? And how many of them go to the gym or do some workout at home multiple times a week? Almost all of them! They don’t do that, because they love it, maybe some of them really love go to the gym, but the biggest part of those poor ladies are forced to do that, because they are maybe personalities and they have to look perfect first and then be competent and prepared.

But even at work, there are work places where you need to look is a specific way. I am not talking about models, but for example flight or ground hostesses, who they have to fulfil some physical standards. An hostess should not need to look good, but just be good in her job, but they have also look good. Which bring me sadly to the following parts.


If you are woman and you want to do certain jobs, or you want to be someone in the entertainment, the gym must be your best friend. There’s no space for the “curvy” ladies. They are “celebrated” only because we need to do that, but we don’t let them get properly into the business…any business. 9 out of 10 women looks absolutely too perfect for me: perfect shape, absolutely flexible and with no imperfection whatsoever. The same is for love: getting into the gym is the only way to have a decent life and opportunity to find what you are looking for.

As a man, i would never date those women…i would be too much for me. Is it too much to ask to have normal and unique women instead of this all-alike bodies? But i am just one man. The rest of the world love and demand those kind of perfect bodies. Sadly women need to look cool only to have a chance. This world is crazy.

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