Pregnancy: The best GIFT!

Once you are a stable couple, your partner will come out with the desire to have a baby. You both talk about it. You talk about the possible scenarios in the pregnancy, you reflect if you are ready to take this effort, and you check if economically you can afford to raise a baby in the best possible way. Once you figure out that you can do that, you try it and all of a sudden she will say to her man: i’m pregnant! Those three word are not only words, but the end of a journey….sometimes a long and exhausting one.

Pregnancy as a Dream

Everything starts with the idea. The idea to make your family bigger. You are madly in love. A life without your partner is for you unthinkable and you are sure that this person will be a wonderful parent. In your mind you know that together you will be a wonderful family. So, you talk with your partner. Maybe he or she will be ready, maybe won’t. Not everyone react in the same way. Some of us see the parenthood as a goal, other as a scary moment. You need some time and lot of conversations to put him or her into the perspective to become a parent.

Already that is not an easy task. Raising another human being it’s a freaking scary and important responsibility. It’s not only a baby, but it’s like “are you ready to change your life forever? Are you ready to give up to lot of thing we are used to do?” Not everyone is ready all of a sudden to do that. And no: threatening him or her to leave, if he or she doesn’t help you to have a baby, is not the solution. Talk and be patient!

Physical Struggle in the Pregnancy

Once you finally convinced your partner, you both start to get your dream reality. It may happen that you do it once and the woman is already pregnant. Unfortunately, we know that human body and mind don’t work exactly like a machine. So, you have to try more then once. In the meantime, the time passes and every time is the same story: the results is always negative. In the beginning you thing it’s normal, because all the couple struggle to have a baby in the first days. You try it for maybe weeks, but the more you try and the more time passes, the bigger is the thought that maybe something is wrong with one of you two. Since that moment, you talk with several doctors and experts. You do all the necessary exams and the answer is always the same: “you are absolutely fine!”

At this point you don’t understand why you have so much trouble to have that baby you are dreaming of all the time. If it’s not physically, maybe it’s mentally. Maybe you thing that changing something can help your cause. You try different position, to follow the moon, to eat some food, that should be aphrodisiac, you dress some sexy clothes, but the results is still the same: negative”

Mental Struggle through fear and pressure in the Pregnancy

In the meantime, weeks or even months are passed. The enthusiasm of the first days is gone. Now fear is dominating your mind. Fear of never be a parents, fear of not making your partner proud of you, fear of the end of the relationship, fear of not being able to give the baby your partner deserve so badly. More than that, you have pressure.

Time is passing and you are getting older. Maybe you are in the 20s and you have still time, maybe you are in the 30s and you don’t have so much time last or maybe you are in the 40s and here things are very hard for you. The more time pass, the less chances you have to become a parent. Even more pressure comes from the people around you: all those questions, all those unwanted advices and all those look in their faces are killing you two.

Finally the dream comes true.

It seems impossible fro you two to become parent. In your mind you maybe start to thing that destiny has decided that you are not worthy to have a wonderful baby in your life. You are almost given up, because too much time have tried and too much time have failed, until one day, unexpected, she screams from the toilet “I’m pregnant!”. Finally the pregnancy is a reality! it’s a moment where emotion are just too much and too strong. Between joy, relief and happiness you have no idea what to choose to describe that moment.

All of a sudden you are getting what you always dreamed of and all the fear and worries are all bad memories that belong to the past. Now the future is not so dark anymore: a light is showing you the path. You will be a parent in nine months. What a fantastic news! Congratulation! Your life is about to change and in that moment you desire nothing but your kid coming to this world healthy!

Pregnancy is the end of a dark journey sometimes, but when happens, it’s the perfect gift you could ever wish for!

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