What if Jesus was a time traveler?

I know already, this post is going to be crazy. You are maybe thinking that i now belong to some kind of weird sect, that believes in this kind of freaking crazy theories. Or i have eaten some weird things at breakfast. No, i think those things all day, every day, and my breakfast was the usual: milk and cereals. I am so stupid naturally. Anyway, the question still remain: are you sure that Jesus was a divine being?

If i don’t receive the excommunication right now, there are two options: either the Catholic Church doesn’t know i exist or i am the luckiest person in the entire universe and history.

Was Jesus actually a Divine being?

I have a little problem with the Bible and Jesus. It’s for me very hard to believe that one man can be able to cure people, replicate food, changing the matter and walking on water with only his own body. I’m not saying that something like that never happened. However, Jesus put in my the same question that drives me crazy: was there something else we don’t know?

Here my thought: Jesus was born, but his family was probably not the family the Bible described. Maybe they were poor, Joseph was a Carpenter, Marie was an housewife; maybe Jesus was born in a stall and maybe the wise men came to celebrate the birth. Are we sure that this family was actually a family from that time? Maybe they faked their “poverty” not to make people suspicious…

Did Jesus use artificial tools to become a divine being?

In the Bible Jesus did things way too big to be a “normal” human being. With prayers and belief he was able to cure an almost dead men, duplicate food, walk on water and come back to life. What if those things were artificial?

We all know that people from that period of time were actually not so technologically advanced and everything new was something revolutionary. I mean, if you could come back in those times and you would show people an electric torch, i am sure you would be seen as a God. For those people an electric torch is something unthinkable. I mean between plastic, electricity, a battery, glass and a light bulb there’s too much for them to handle mentally. All those things were invented only centuries after the Roman Empire.

Let’s take a look to his miracles

Rebirth of Lazarus

Let’s talk about the rebirth of Lazarus. He was dead. All of a sudden Jesus bring him back to life. It might look as a miracle for an “ignorant” and innocent eye. But what if Jesus used some kind of medical tools, hidden somewhere, that helped him to cure a death man? I mean, what if Star Trek will exist in the future for real and humanity is also able to cure even death? It’s possible. If i have to choose the version of the miracle or the version of science, i would choose the second one. We all know that human being doesn’t have any kind divine power.

Jesus Resurrection.

And the “i cure death people” thing can be applied to Jesus itself. Think about it: he “died” himself and he was able to come back to life. But what if he was not dead after all? For those people, especially the roman soldiers, once you didn’t breath you were death. Jesus could actually fake his death. We do that in the 21st Century (with some kind of powerful tranquillizer). More than that, He could look like dead, cure the wounds when he was alone and then come back three days after his “death.

Replicate Food and change matter

Replicate food or change the matter itself is something you could do if you have the right tool. If you want to replicate food, you need an instrument that “copy” the product. Again Star Trek helps us. How many times in that tv show people are in front of a replicator, they say a name of a dish and that dish “magically” appears? What if in the future we will have something like that? Changing matter is not so complicated after all: once you know what you have in front of your eyes and what you want to achieve, the rest is “pretty easy”, if you know perfectly the chemistry. Those two things were “normal” for someone who uses this technology daily, but even for us those things would be almost magical. For the people 2000 years ago that would have been just something divine.


I don’t know, maybe i am just too stupid, but i have a very hard time to believe in divine, because what happened with Jesus happened only once and then never before. I would rather believe that Jesus was a time traveller than he’s the son of God. It would make so much more sense, even if very unlikely.
Just let me ask you something: if you were in the position where someone, in front of your eyes, can cure a death man in the 21st Century, what would you believe? Would you believe in the divine or would think that maybe this person is using some kind of super sophisticated medical tools?

That’s it. Maybe the entire Bible is based on an experience of some people who had no idea what technology really is.

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