Is “Friday For Future” useful?

I know that i am propably two years too late, to talk about it, but i opened this blog only at the end of 2021. Are you stll reading or hearing about this “huge” movement called “Friday For Future”? You knwo, that movement that wanted to force all the governments to change the politics around climates! Every time i think about this movement, the following question pops up in my mind: are those movements really helpful?

Greta Thunberg and the school strike

What Greta Thunberg wanted was to make sure that people were well aware about the problem of the climate change. More than that, she tried to force the people in charge to change things. It’s a very wonderful cause to fight for. I mean, we have just one planet. We need to make sure that it’s working properly…at least until we are still here living.

So, day, after day, after day she was there…sitting in front of the swedish parliament to make sure that her voice was heard. Then journalist started to get curios. Not only, but also young boys and girls like her in Sweden started to get involved in Greta’s cause. Then the “movement” started to spread so quickly throught the entire world that it became something people had to deal with.

There was a moment in 2019 and 2020 where Greta Thumberg was the woman of the moment. She was everywhere: on TV-Shows, in the UN, on magazine and on social media. In the meantime, she didn’t waste any possible moment to insult and criticize all the world leaders saying that they were “incompetent” and very stupid!

The “climate fever”

And on social media, people got crazy for the climate. Everyone wanted their governement do something about it. I mean, in 2019 people got completely crazy about it, even those, who used the car literally all the time, those who had in their house tropical temperatures and those who used to have a thirty-minutes-long shower every day. In that movement you had it all. Everyone wanted clean air and a better world! I don’t know if those people felt really guilty about the way they lived, or they just followed the trend. The matter of fact is that the hastag #FridayForFure and #GretaThunberg were trending for days. That was madness.

Is “Friday For Future” useful?

In my opinion? No, it’s not useful. This movement showed the tipical elephant in the room: we can’t change thing. This is the truth. We think we have the power to do something, but we have any power whatsoever. Yes, we can walk on the street protesting and screaming out loud whatever we need to scream, but it will not change a thing. Why? Because we don’t decide. We don’t decide anything. We all know where the decisions are taken and we know who takes this decisions.

Friday For Future and Leaderships.

I actually have no idea what Greta Thunberg and her movement wanted to achieve with that, because they are completely useless. If i were the president of a country, i would give a damn about her and her stupid movement. They can say whatever they want, but i decide. If i choose that the planet Earth is not so important, all the movement loses the reason of its existance. It’s like calling and no one is on the other side. What’s the reason of calling? Think about China: they continue to use coal and petroleum to let the factories work. And China is the main reason why the Earth is getting hotter. Do they care about the little Greta Thumberg? No, because she is powerless. She can scream what she wants, chinese government will still not listen.

Paris Accord and Politic.

Greta Thunbger and the Friday For Future came too late. I mean the entire world has already signed the “Paris Accord” to make sure to save what we can still save from this planet. It’s not because of Greta Thunberg or Friday For Future if Nations around the world are working hard to achieve the results they need to achieve. She’s not an heroin, just a woman who cares of the planet and has a huge interest in politics. Nothing more, nothing less.

If, Greta Thumber, will go into politics and if she will use the entire movement to claim the ladder and become so powerful that she can change things from the inside, then the entire “Friday For Future” will have a sense…otherwise it was just a creative way for not going to school and to make a huge amount of money using the others.


Don’t get me wrong, the number are huge, but the way they are manifesting their anger is wrong. If you want to change something, you could do it maybe only on one way: going to vote. If the party doesn’t receive enough votes, it will not lead the country and an new one will be i charge. Only there you can actually do something to change. Not attending the school and sitting in front of the parliament doesn’t make any kind of difference. RIght idea, wrong way to use them.

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