Would you live Forever?

I hate the idea to die. I know that it’s something you can’t run away from, but i don’t really stand the idea that one day i will stop to exist. Like me, there are tons of people who thing exactly like me, probably you too. If you had the opportunity to avoid the death and live forever, would you?

My answers would be “absolutely yes!”…if i didn’t know what living forever really means. There are big problems with the “living forever” thing. What problems?

Live forever means getting old and immortal…

As fas as i know, there’s no youth elixir and i am not an alchimist, so i have no idea how to produce it. What does that mean? It means that i will inexorably get old…maybe slower than usual, because i am immortal, but one day i would face the fact that my body will not allow me anymore to do what i was used to and the pain will be always bigger and bigger. Maybe the aging will start to me way much further in the future, but it will happen. If i have to live the eternity, because we are talking about eternity, on the bed because i would have no strenght even to get out from the bed, no thanks!

live forever means Boredom.

Life is precious, because our days are limited. So, we should not waste any second doing things we don’t want…at least we should try. You have an Expiration date and from your birth to your end you want to live your life as best as you possibly can. With all the things you can do and the very small time you have on Earth, you will never get bored. But what would happen if you were immortal?

Well, technically you will have all the time of the universe to do absolutely everything: you can read every book, watch every movie, see every places in the world and eat every food possible. Then? What would you do once you did everything? Would you do that one more time? Ok, that’s fine. However, the “wow effect” will be gone forever. Can you imagine a predictable existance full of boredom? Oh God, that would be a living hell.

People around you.

You will have the certainty to live forever, but what about the others? They don’t. They are not like you…i mean, they are like you, with the only difference that they are gonna leave you alone way too soon. Yes, we are still talking about maybe 60 or 70 years from now, but compaired to the eternity? This is nothing, and we know how time passes too fast sometimes, especially when we have great times with someone or doing something. It’s hard losing someone, especially if you love this someone a lot. As long as you are mortal, you will suffer, but you know that you will meet this person again in the afterlife. If you live for the enternity? Well, you just can’t follow that person, because you can’t die, remember?

If this would happen once and never again, it would be fine…painful, but fine. The problem you will have with immortality is that you will have to do with people and maybe you will start to care about them…and this people will leave you. Over, and over, and over again. Are you sure to spend the enternity with people who, once day, are going to leave you behind? Are you really sure to handle all that pain for all the eternity. Yes, you could avoid people, but then you will be completely alone. Your lonely life will be a huge memory book, full of death people you will never see again. The last sentence in the perfect definition of sadness.


Life forever is theoretically grea. Yes, theoretically. In reality living forever is bad. It’s something funny to fantasize when you watch outside the window during a rainy day, to talk about with friends or to think about under the shower, but nothing more. I love to have an expiration date, a very short life. In this way i am force not to waste any time and do whatever i want and need. I’m glad to be mortal. If the death would give the chance to live forever, i would answer her “No! See ya later!”

See ya


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