Shop: Where Do you Want To Open It?

After the why, how and what, it’s tim for you to think where open your shop. Where should i sell my products? The question is bigger than you think and the answer will influence your entire future career. Technically, the answer might already decide whether your success or your failure. How is it even possible that? Well, let me tell you how.

There are two big problems with the question “where to sell things”: location and internet. Let’s start with the location.

Which part of the world is perfect to open your shop?

The problem with the location (and with the location i mean the city and the street where you want to see your products) is the following: supply and demand. I give one example:

Microsoft and Japan!

There are very few unchangable things in the world. One of those is that Microsoft will NEVER EVER sell a huge amount of XboX consoles in Japan. Why? because in Japan you “have” to buy only one console: Playstation. Again, why? Easy: japanese people doesn’t want to buy the american console for lot of reasons. However, the reasons now are irrelevant. The point is that everytime Microsoft sells one of its consoles in that country, the numbers will be very poor.

You are like Microsoft!

This is the same for you. How can you think, for example, to sell some refrigerators in the North Pole or a centralized warming in Kenya? I know that sounds obvious, but it’s not. People think that with a good marketing strategy and lot of money you can sell whatever you want. Technically you can, however, do you have any idea how much effort and money you should put in that marketing to make it work in a place with no demand? It’s too big.

For your well-being, make sure that there is even a little bit of demand of the good you want to sell. If absolutely no one doesn’t need the good you want to seel or they have no interest whatsoever, your business will never grow. Trust me! Make sure to be in the right place at the right time. If you are in the right place in the wrong time or you are in the wrong place at the right time, nothing will never happen. Talk with people, find the necessary informations and then decide where to open.

which world is better for you: real or digital world?

Then we come with the most complicated part. Once you decided the location, and you have realised that there are a sufficient demand for your good there, you need to understand where people can find your products. Do you want to open a regular shop, with shopping windows and loud music, or do you want to open and online shop?

Online Shop as a fast way to success?


Your answer might be “i will open and Online-Shop, because i can reach not only the people in the city, but others outside it and the cost are not so high!”. Well, the potential customer you can reach is technically the entire planet, even if it’s not true, because the demand in this planet is different from place to place. About costs, are you sure you have not so much of them?


You don’t have a physical shop, but the logistic is brutal. Just make a list: a warehouse with all the necessary things inside (shelves, computer, insurances, employees, packaging material and the forwarder), a separate space for the offices and the necessary thing to keep it working (shelves, desks, computers, office supplies, employees), then the marketing, taxes and other investiment like the hosting site where you create your online shop (or the programmer), legal documents to protect yourself from some controversy, VAT, fees for having all the necessary documents and the corporate identity of your business. Are you still sure that Online-Shop are so cheap? Online shop is not easy to open and to keep working: it’s a very expencive and fragile machine.

Traditional Shop to be sure of the success


Or you can open a “traditional shop”. One day, you were walking on the street and you found the perfect place to open your shop. It might be in the perfect center and lot of people can walk in front of your shopping window.


The big problem is that the number of clients will always be limited, because you will be able to sell regularly only to the people who are in your city. People in other cities are impossible to reach, unless they come to you. If you want to reach them in their cities, you have to open another shop, and the costs are twice higher, because you will have now two shops to keep running. Will your cost less than an online shop? Well, they will be different.

First thing first, the hosting or the programmer is not your problem anymore, but you have to pay the rent and all the necessary works to make your shop looking perfect; the other difference is that the packaging material are just bags, the wearhouse and the office can be on the back of the shop. With very a little investment you can averything you need. The rest is the same: the good itself, pay the taxes, VAT, the corporate identity, insurances, maybe employees and legal documents.


No matter what you decide, you will have always costs. If you base your choice on the costs, both solution will be pretty expensive and time consuming. The question is: who do you want to reach? Do you want a huge customer base, spread all over the country and the world, that you have to manage with other people, or do you want something easy you can manage alone?
Once you find your answers, you can make the next steps!

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