What if the Airplane was never invented?

Airplanes…something we have lost the ability to use during the pandemic. I mean, we know how they work, because before it we used them every five minutes literally, but in 2020, 2021 ans 2022 have been as useful as VHS recorder might be uselful in the 15st Century. To be honest, the today’s “what if” question would be “what if the airplane was never invented?”, but i have just realised that we know exactly how the world might look like without them.

Boring. This world would be absolutely boring.

The World would be much smaller

Without airplanes, tons of places were all of a suddden impossible to reach. I leave in Germany and, for me, Australia, Canada, U.S.A. , South America, Asia, Africa were unreachable. I can’t literally fly there, because there are no flight available. Eeven if they are available, i need to spend double the usual time to get there. Since the beginning of the pandemic my world has become as small as Europe. Yes, i know that Europe is pretty huge, but the rest of the world is off limit at the moment.

If the Wright Brothers had never invented the airplane for me would be something usual not to know the world outside the city i live in. I would read about Brazil or China in internet. More than that, i would never have the opportunity to see with my own eyes the beauty of this planet. How could you thing to visit Sidney, Tokyo or Cape Town? On a horse? Yes, i could still use a ship, but it would be absolutely unconvenient and a nightmare. In a year we have 20, 25 maybe 30 days off. How long is the freight from Amsterdam to Sydney? 3 Weeks? I would spend all of them only for the roundtrip. About the city i would not know anything, because i could not phisically see anything.

Blogging would be different without an airplane

Travel blogger all around the world would be unemployeed or they would have a completely different job. Lot of travel blogger loves United States or esotic places. Instagram is full of picture from the Maldive o Dubai, for example. If you live in Europe, for example, you can’t reach this place simply walking. First because it’s too long and second you can’t walk on water. Unless you are not a Jesus‘s relatives. In that case, you could think of walking to the United States, but it would be still too long.

Food Blogger would have their own big problem too. Lot of them use the airplane in different places to try different dishes and to learn the culture through food. If airplanes were not invented, how can they give us those experiences? It would be impossible. Also impossible would be having chinese, japanese or mexican restaurant in out cities. Those people would have never had the opportunit to live outside their hometown. I mean, have you any idea how distant is Japan from Europe or United States?

The Economy would be slower without an airplane

Distances would be huge for the industry as well…even if it’s not technically true. Companies all around the world prefer to ship the good with container ships, instead using cargo planes. Not because they love to “waste weeks” waiting the goods, but because cargos are absolutely expencive, but extremely fast. Putting the cost problem aside, airplanes allow good to move in the fastest way possible, covering planetary distances. With a cargo plane we are talking about thousand of miles in less than a day. A ship need weeks for the same route. Without airplanes, There would be another faster way to sending goods. Well, technically we could create a gigantic sling to throw the goods, but it would pretty complicated. Althought i would love to see that.

Airplanes allow us to get richer faster and not to wait too long if we need something. I am sure that without airplanes the delivery times for all the company would be weeks long. More than that, there are much lower chances that the good trafficis blocks itself because an airplanes blocked the fastest way to get into Europe (Hi, i’m the Evergreen and i love to mess with your nerves).

Aeronautic would not be a science

Airplanes is not only a vehicle you can use to travel from A to B. It’s also a huge scientific experiment. What the Wright Brother did was simple: they prooves a man can fly. Since that moment, humanity have started to try to understand if there’s a way to fly faster consuming less fuel. Few decades later we will talk about aerodinamics. With the airplanes, aerodinamics is “how to fly faster consuming less?”, but the same can be also in cars applied; “how can i drive longer with the same amount of fuel?”.

Aerodinamics is not only used to spare money and fuel, but also to go faster. In motorsport the same aerodinamics used in airplanes is used on cars. Not to help a car to take off, but to make sure to sticks it on the ground. If wings help the airplane to fly, the same wings, built on the other side, can push a car down.

Oh, almost forgot: 1969. Without the first flight in the 1903 the moon would still be a fascinating thing. Nothing more than that. Moon will be something we will never reach. The ISS would not be there in the sky. All the satellites in orbit and all the rockets, we have invented, were only a dream into someone’s mind.


Airplanes have changed the world so much that without them we would be not the same and entire pages of history would not exist. Got bless the Wright Brother!

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