FUTURE: Would you want to know it?


People often say that we should watch the past to learn from our mistakes, the future to see all the opportunity and the present to make sure to live the life we want to. The problem is that we don’t trust our life. We don’t learn from the past, we don’t use the present to do sometimes risky, because we are afraid of the future. And if you knew the future? What would you do?

Knowing the future is a bless and a huge curse. Now let’s start from the good side, because the bad side is pretty sad.

Good Side of Knowing the Future

Being a God

If you know the future you are easily a God. At least people would thing that! For them you would be some kind divinity came down to Earth to protect humanity and teach how to live.
Knowing the future means one thing: you can see before anybody else what’s about to happen. Do you have any idea how many things you can achieve predicting the future?

A Financial Guru

Finance. Playing with stocks is never easy. Even the most expert broker in the world fails, sometimes massively. In finance, you can see the past to try to identify a pattern for every stock, because you want to be sure to make lot of money from your investment. The condition to be successful in this kind of activity is to know before what happen in the future. We use softwares, our experience and people specialized themselves in that field (the anaylist) just to predict what comes. However, the failure is always there, waiting for our little tiny mistakes.

If you were able to sit, close your yes and look what will happen in the future, every single move you will do is successul and the money you will make is actually uncountable. We are talking about millions or even billions you can do with just the right move at the right time, sitting on your chair at home.

Being a Hero

Being a hero might be an option. You know what happens in the future. Which means that you know when and where bad things will happen. If you had the power to prevent the happening of bad things, would you do something? Personally, i do. I don’t like to read bad news on the newspaper and i don’t like to see people suffering and being in such a huge pain. Of course, there are thing i can’t do, like stoppind the death for example, but if i can predict an accident, if i can save a person from doing a very fatal mistake or if i can improve the world around me to be even just a little better, i would do it. I would use this power to get rich, but i would also use it to make other people’s life better.

The Bad Side of knowinf the future

The amazing part of the future is that is unknown. I love to know the other’s future, to help them to improve their lives and back accounts, but mine must be a mistery for me. Sorry, i can’t stand the idea to know whether that i will fail in everthing or if i have success because, in case of success, i want to live the moment in the most genuine way possible. That would be horrible to know my expiration date or if i will crash on the ground with my face. If i would know my future, i would have no reason to live it. That the essence of life: not knowing what’s next and be open to the surpriesed!


One things i would not do and we are on the sad side: using that power on me. I would never EVER use the power to see my future. If i use my power on me might mean that i might now not only the day i will die, but also the way my life will end. Can you imagine the scene: you sit in your garden, in a very hot summer day and you see in your mind the day you will day. More than that would be gross and it might start a pretty sick game where you would try costantly to change your faith, forgetting that you will lose this kind of fight.

I am curious: if you had this power, what would you do?

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