What does a man look in a woman?

In this world, we think that men are very simple being and they think of just one think when they look for a woman. As a man, i want to tell something! We don’t think about only one thing: we think of three things! I am sure women know exactly what kind of things we look at! I’m sorry, i’m kidding, of course…or maybe not?

A man is complicated in love

We may be simple in something else (at work, in sport or with our friends), but in love we are a bunch of complicated beings. When we need to find the right partner we turn easily into women in a clothes shop. When we talk about a woman, we can become very, very, very judgy and pretentious very quickly. Women, i think you have already realised that. I can summarize what a man looks in a woman in just one work: everything. This time i am not kidding. We want everything from a woman: she must be beautiful, sexy, funny, cute, a little bit submissive and behave as a mom with us. Just have some fun and analyse all of it.

a man puts Beauty at first!

Let’s start with the “beautiful” side of the story, because it’s the simplest one: the woman must look good for our eyes. We give a lot importance to how a woman looks. It’s crucial for a man, because we use the testosterone first, then the brain. Not all of us do, but the biggest past do. So, the hotter the woman, the bigger the chances for the ladies to receive a massage from the man…and often it would be better for both sides if that message never came. For that reason men required that women go to the gym, they eat not so much, because men don’t like “overweight“.

If a woman is not perfectly in shape, she will not have so much chances to find the love she desperately wants. Maybe they will, but it is way much easier if they are fit. I know that there love story of “curvy” women who find the love, but how often does that happen? It’s lovely, i am agree, but how many times does something like that happen?

Is there a standard of beauty? No! There are 3.5 billion men in the world and 3.5 billion of ideas around beauty. What’s amazing for me can be awful for someone else. Now that i think about it, women do all they do basically for nothing…amazing!

Naughty Women!

Being sexy is another important point. The problem with “being sexy” is that every single men has a different opinion of what’s sex and what’s not. A woman can’t do anything about, they have just to hope that who they are is “sexy” enough to the men they are dating. However, now that i think a little bit better, there’s a common opinion in the men’s world: sexy means be as similar as possible to those kind of ladies you can see in internet. If a woman acts like them, she might be sure that she is sexy enough to make the man happy. The phisical part of the relationship is absolutely important for a man. We don’t love to talk, but we love to do “you know what”.

The problem? Have you ever seen those performers? How can a normal woman possibly do that stuff? For what then? For men that have huge problem to last more than a couple of minutes? This sexy part pf the story drives me crazy all the time. Men demands super hot women when they don’t last long enough to enjoy the performances…

laugh as much as you can for you man

Being funny is very important. A woman must not be funny, but she must laugh to every joke. More than that it’s useless to say. If a man finds a woman that doesn’t laugh to his joke, the men will never EVER meet her again. There’s nothing worse than a boring woman. We all men think we are the best comedian ever, even if our joke are very groos and not funny at all. The problem is that we are always surrounded by other men and the jokes we have are based on men. To make thing even sadder is that we thing that if something works on men, it must works on women as well. Yes, we are stupid.

A woman can try to be funny and tell some jokes, but trust me: the men will not laugh. He will have a very small smile on his face, but he will not laugh like crazy. Not because he’s rude, i mean it can be, but because he will not understand some complicated jokes. Men has a very simple working mind and something complicated can provoke a crash in his brain.

who’s your mummy?

Now we are getting into the most important part. Let’s talk about behave as a mother. Every single men, literally everyone, looks for a woman who might behave like his mother once they are married or they live together. There’s nothing a woman can do. Technically, they can do something: saying no! However, the risk to get old and die alone is pretty high. To be honest? If i were a woman, i would live alone than acting like my husband’s mother. Luckly i am a man and i don’t have this problem…i cause this problems sadly.

The only thing a woman could try to do is accept that and change him. Men want a woman who takes care of him in every single moment in his life (especially when he’s sick), she cooks for him, cleans the house, buys the food, makes the laundry and takes care of the future baby. As i said, men want a younger version of their moms.

Head down and say yes!

And the funniest part: women must be a little bit submissive. Technically the more submissive they are, the better is for the men and for the relationship. There’s a reason why we have so much divorces in the last years: finally, women started to say “no” whenever there is something they don’t want to. The big problem is that men don’t like when a woman shows the brain. We got scared when a woman, all of a sudden, shows us that she’s way much better than us or at least she’s as smart as us. We are not used to it.

Women are used to men’s stupidity, but men are not used to the fact that even a woman has a brain and she knows how to use it. For a man, women must always say yes, no matter what, and she has to please, appreciate and support him everytime, everywhere.


Just to summarize, sexy, hot, being stupid, be a housewife and be submissive. This is the most important quality a woman should possess. As soon as woman has a strong personality, or she just demand to be treated as a human being, we men get scared, we get in the defensive and we become sometimes aggressive. Women around the world, are you sure that men are very simple being? Do you really think to have all this quality to make a man happy? You know what, if i were a woman, i would rather be alone than with a man like this.

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