Woman: What does she want in a Man?

It’s interesting how people can effect your creativity. I was reading other blogs this morning. All of a sudden, the talented Olivia Lucie Blake posted something interesting: The struggle of finding love in 21st Century. It was pretty a interesting post. However in my mind i had one question: what does a woman want from a man in the 21st Century? Let’s see if i hit the right bottons.


I am a man, so i have no idea how a woman think. I am not Mel Gibson and i don’t pretend to know what a woman wants. More than that every woman is different, like every human being and they don’t think in the same way. So find a standard for every single lady is stupid, useless and also pretty pretentious.

However, women around the world look for something in a man to start a relationship. I mean, there must be a reason why a lady decides to be together with a man. What is this something? Because i need to know as a man!

Body as a Seduction Magnet for a Woman?

I don’t think that body plays a huge role in the choice. If you walk on the street and take a look around, you can see wonderful women with not so wonderful men. When i see something like that i ask myself “how is it even possible? A woman like her wit someone like him?” In my messed-up mind there were only two explanations: whether is that men rich or he has some phisical hidden quality.

Both of the two thoughts were wrong. Because most of the times that man was not rich and it was pretty clear that they didn’t take of their body so much. So, the problem was always there: why was that even possible?

I needed years full of long conversations with my mother, my sister and other women to start to thing in the right way. At least i hope so (they tried to teach me things, i am not sure if i learnt the lesson).
The way i thought was the wrongest possible. I was convinced that for women the phisical beauty in a man was absolutely necessary to even thing about someone. Nothing could be less true.

They care of the bigger picture. The man must have a neat appearance. For example, he must have a good lookig beard, a good skintone or a neat haircut. If the men has a huge muscles is not relevant.

Heart and Soul is for a Woman the Key!

Women “doesn’t care” about the aspect, they focus their attention on something else: heart and mind. And in that specific moment the truth hit me like a thunder: women have trouble to find the right men, because men are often cave men. Women need a MAN. What kind of man? Someone with a good heart, soul and mind…a pretty hard combination to find.

The Perfect Recepy!

A man must be kind with her and with the others. Then it must be calm and patient to accept the woman’s mistakes and defects. He must be able to listen and talk to his woman, even for long hours, if necessary. No less, he must have the will to work hard for the relationship to make sure that it lasts forever. Things like humor, being romantic or funny or open for new experience are subjective things. Every woman has her own idea about it.

However, if the man is not kind, respectful or a good listener and talker, a woman doesn’t even thing to give that man a chance to shine.

The Richer the Men, the Better?

I am not sure about the economical aspect. I know that lot of women look for the rich guy, but not all of them. However, one thing is the same for all of them: the man must be a good worker. He must have a job and work hard to keep it. If he wants to do something different, he must know exactly what to do and where he wants to go. Women doesn’t love uncertainty too much. They are fine with uncertainty and have patient if it’s something temporary. As soon as they realise that he is not sure in what he does, they start to think to leave him. Not necessarily to find someone better. They need stability to express themselves in the best possible way. This is how things works, you like it or not!


Now, reading this post, men can start to thing that how they look is irrelevant. No, it’s not like that! If he’s also a good-looking-person is even better, but the body is not a priority. A man must look-good, not necessarely an handsome guy.
Women are better than men and they prove it even in these things. They care of the most important things and not if the men has a six-pack or not. Sometimes being pragmatic pays off. Don’t you believe me? How many women have maybe fun with the handsome guy and a small brain, but then they marry the normal guy with a huge brain and a big heart?

Am i right, ladies? Or am i just a idiot?

See ya


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3 thoughts on “Woman: What does she want in a Man?

  1. Dear Mauro, I understand the questions you ask yourself, and they are the ones that a woman also asks herself about a man. Unfortunately it is not possible to sum up in a few words what we are looking for in each other… and don’t you know that men are from Mars and women from Venus?

    1. Yes, i knwo that! However, as a man, i tried to understand, without claiming to be the one with the truth in his hands. I knew already that it was a “mission impossible”. The goal was just to reach as much women as possible and see what they have to say, like you just did. I’m glad that my goal was achieved…at least with you!

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