Talking of SOMEONE: Wise or Wrong Choice?

We all have our superheroes, people we love or we admire for a million reasons. It can be everyone: your favorite blogger, an actor, a poet or anyone else. Believe it or not, even blogger have those people in their hearts. It happens that sometimes even those blogger wants to talk about their heroes, because they want to celebrate them or because there’s a news around them that needs a deepening. The question is: is talking about someone a wise choice to do that?

Personal Thought.

It’s pretty tricky to find an answer to this question. My advice would be this one: not talking about them. I do personally made this mistake: i talked about Chiara Ferragni and, thinking about it right now, it was a stupid move. In my current situation, talking about anyone famous would be stupid. You can say that i could easily not write about her in the first place and you are right, but i wanted to try and it’s too tricky. There are four big reasons why it’s pretty hard to talk about a celebrity.

Talking about someone: How

The first one is the way you talk about the celebrity you love the most. You have two very different way to write something about someone: the good and the bad way.

The good way is the best way to write about the celebrity. If you talk about him or her in a good way, you don’t do anything too wrong. Famous people love to be celebrated and they don’t like to read criticisms. They say that they appreciate when the criticism is helpful, because they make them better, but when someone does, they often pick a fight with that person. I don’t know if they do because they are too much attacked and they try to defend themselves, or they are just too rude, but the fact is that talking bad against your favorite superstart is not a wise move. If you want to still have a blog, or your space to share your thoughts, just avoid your criticisms and praise the celebrity. If you are not ready to always celebrate your hero, just write about someone or something else.

The Picture you will use can be a Problem!

The images you use are also something you should be worried about. If you use the picture of someone else and you have not the authorisation to use it, you can be in trouble. Youtube is a perfect example: lot of video are “demonetizes” (which means that the creator doesn’t get money fror the video) because he or she used something copyright protected. In case of a blogger, the person involved can ask you to delete the picture, because you don’t have the authorisation to use that picturem or to give him/her all the money you earn from the post.

Sorry, but looking on Google Image for a picture and use it on your blog is not a wise move…it’s more like a very stupid move. And you need a picture for your post, at least for your cover. If you want to write about someone and you need a picture, it’s a wise move to ask that person’s permission to use his image first.

Talking about someone: What to write?

If the picture was a problem, now you can be in big trouble. If you want to write about someone, make sure to write in a perfect way. Anything can be wrong. No, reading Wikipedia is not an option. We all know that sometimes Wikipedia is wrong, because the sources are wrong. Also, what you will find in internet can be wrong. The only way you have to talk about someone is to have an interview with this person. In that moment, you can ask what you need to ask and you will have the truth. If you are big enough, you can have you interview. Otherwise, forget about it.

The Reaction.

You can talk about your superstar in a good way. You can also be very careful of what are you about to write. There’s only one little tiny problem: you don’t know him/her. Have you ever talked with him/her? Have you ever meet him/her personally? Do you have any idea how he/she might react of your post? Maybe it will be a happy reaction, or maybe that superstar will not like your post at all. You have any idea. More than that, he or she can ask you to delete that post for many reasons: the post is too personal, you were not allowed to use that picture or you didn’t ask the permission in the first place. In few second your hard works will be deleted.


Talking about a superstar is great, it’s funny and it can bring you a lot of people on your site, if your post’s hero will promote your post, but it’s too much time consuming and the risks to have some troubles with the post, you just wrote, are just too big.
Avoid it, until you are not big enough. In that moment will be your hero to ask you to have a chat together. In this case you will have an highway in front of you, between tons of picture, lot of documents to use and a private chat with your heroes.
I’m not saying not to do that, but just be patient and wait!

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