Small or big Community: Yes or no?

Everywhere you read and every single blogger you can talk with will tell you the same thing: the bigger the numbers, the better it is for you. Is it though? What is the best solution: a small or big community?

Technically it might be true. However, i am not quite sure about it. Just let’s get deep into it, because i have my big doubts. Are we really sure that a huge community is the best possible thing?

The bigger the community, the better…?

Let’s start saying that, for men, a huge community is a community with 100.000 follower and more. it’s a pretty big amount of people you are going to talk to. You can fill a football stadium with all those people. I don’t want to talk about responsability you have with your community, it’s not my goal right now. The question i have right now is the following: What does a huge community really means?

Countless Opportunity…

Big numbers means big opportunity. Companies and brand will contact you to work with them based on the number of people will follow you. So, in this case the bigger the numbers, the bigger are the opportunity to make your business grow. And it’s true: big brands will not work with someone with only 50 or 100 followers. For Companies is absolutely necessary to spend less money and have the best results possible. For that reason, they need a huge amount of people to reach all in once. Between a blogger with 100 follower and another one with 1 000 000 they will choose the second one.

…but lack of Interaction.

On the other side, i have a problem with big comminuties. Althought the number of poeple is huge, have you ever seen the interactions? They are very poor. I mean, it’s still big, but if you read the numbers , they are very poor. I have seen blogger with 300, 400 thousand follower and only 10 000 like at every post. This is not that great. I know that we are still talking about 10 000 like every post, something i would love to have, but it’s just the 3% of the entire followers. What about the other 97%? It’s made of random people who follow this blogger, just because he or she’s cool. Essencially they don’t care at all to help him/her: no views, no interaction and no support whatsoever!

According to this thoughts, is it useful to have a big community, when this community is not able to help you to become a trend topic and make the next step?

Small Community?

How about a smaller community, but with a huge interaction? Just think of a community with just 5 thousand follower and a average like number of 10 000 likes and five thousand comments. If you think about it, we are talking of just 2 like and one comment every follower. It’s not a big number for them, it’s just about two clicks and an emoji, but it’s absolutely massive for you. Can you only imagine how much you can do with so much interaction? With 10 thousand like and 5 thousand comments you can go trend and you can reach so much more people outside your community that you can’t even imagine.

Oh, in this case you will have lot of money from the advertising, because the traffic on your blog would be absolutely crazy big and, more than that, brand will start to work with you: yes, maybe you won’t have the 400 thousands followers, but your community is very active and hopefully ready to share and support your advertising you are doing. This is for me the perfect community: not so big, but with a huge support


Having a huge community, which will do nothing for you, is something awesome only for your ego. Looking that big, fat number of follower is just a way to feed your big ego and say “oh, im the best!”, but if those followers, any single one of them, doesn’t interact with yout content (a share, a like or a comment) that big number is absolutely useless. Yes, it maybe allow you to work with big company, but there’s nothing more than that. You can’t technically create your merchandising, because no one want to buy a single thing you will offer.
If i had to choose, I would rather have a smaller community with a interaction rate around 100%. That’s a perfect community. With it you can reach all you want, trust me!

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