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This is exactly the face i make every time i open Twitter and Facebook. After all these years of social media i should be used to all the things going on there, but i am wrong all the time. I am genuinely surprised reading what i read…i should not, but i am! For me, it’s like 2010 all over again every single time! Being on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, it’s one of the funniest thing EVER, between all the Polemics and Theories. Aren’t you so sure about that?

The two big things that make me laugh all the time are the following: polemics and creative theories. Let’s start from polemic.

Starting Polemics!

No matter who you are and how many follower you have, there’s opportunity for everyone to have some “fun”…or getting very angry and upset. It depends on if you are on the right or the wrong side of the story. The “game” is absolutely easy: you are there, scrolling your home and all of a sudden you see someone’s post. It doesn’t matter what it is, you must be there starting a “fight” for no reason whatsoever.
You can share with the others something off topic or just an insult. Technically, you could write something on topic, but the one you are attacking might find your comment useful, not giving you any fun. Be sure that you turn off your brain and you look as stupid as you can possibly be.

One example might be that a superstars will tweet something like this “Hi, guys! Today i will perform on (name the place). I can’t wait to see you“. Nothing wrong about sponsoring an event, but that tweet misses something: your answer. You have to answer! And you will answer “Why don’t you donate part of your fortune to charity?” Does it make any sense? Absolutely not! But you can’t even imagine how big the fight will be with the superstar you are “facing”…and the more passionate the fanbase is, the much more fun you will have with all of them. And i will be there, having the must funny time of the week.
Or you can just insult your target, just like that. Is it a smart move? Nope, but it’s so much fun…if you have a small brain. But be careful, because your account might be deleted.

Polemics are what makes social media relevant, otherwise everything would be boring.

Creative Theories!

Something even funnier are the theories…more specifically what makes me laugh like crazy are the conspiracy theories. These people have no bad behaviour (well…not all of them), they just are on social media taking care of their business. And what’s exactly their business? Well…creating some absurd theories, avoiding the reality. The world can give them tons and tons of data, prooving that they are wrong, but those people will still believe in their truth made by questionable fact and not certifyed prooves. What’s so funny in denying the truth in fronf of the eyes? Nothing, but it’s the way they live their lives. I mean, even if they are clearly wrong, they still think that the other people manupulate them to come back in the “flock of sheep”.

Example of theories

And the theories are crazy: from the “Flat Earth”, throught “5G”, the pandemic that doesn’t exist, ending with the “Alien are controlling the world”. I like to read all these stuff. I would never EVER to be against one of those people, not because i don’t know what to say, but because those people will bring me to their level (pretty low) and they will beat me with the experience (too much).

More than that, this kind of thing are absolutely entertaining. I would spend all my life to “connect” with this people and start a huge fight of minds. Trust me, once you start, it’s fascinating how things can become pretty hard, pretty fast!

Afet all of this, i am asking myself if there’s a better thing in this world. Yes, maybe it is, but the entertainment i have reading people wasting their time to insult a superstar or to make up a crazy theory which people will believe in is a bless for my little monkey in my head. I am so fascinated by this behavious, because it doesn’t change a thing: with the insult, the superstar will become even more famous and the other will remain an absolutely nobody and those theories are stupid and a huge waste of time.

I will never understand the reason behind the polemics and insults, but it’s so funny. God bless them!

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