4th Milestone: 500 Like OVERALL! Thank you!

I have never been good in Math. ANd this post is the living proof. Today i woke up like i always did, i had my breakfast, and then i started to watch my statistic. In the very beginning i didn’t see anything “weird”, because apparently i don’t know how to count. Then my monkey said to me, with its usual charme “look better, idiot!”. Then i started to take a closer look to all my number…and the think was there!

I have break the wall of the 500 likes overall in my blog. There’s nothing amazing in this results (i mean, Dr. Eric Perry’s Self-Help Blog received more thant 1000 like EVERY POST), but for me it’s absolutely amazing. What puts a huge smile on my face is that i reached that results in only 53 days. Which means that on average i received a little less than 10 likes every day.

We are talking about the fact that 10 different people, from all over the world, have read what i have posted and they liked it. It’s fascinating for me. It means that my ability to talk with people are good and they are improving post after post, and the topic i choose are interesting enough lo leave a like. For this pretty satisfying results i have to thank all my followers, all the “random visitors” and those, who are showing me support every single day on every single post:

Jane Aguiar
Ambience Plants
Luisa Zambrotta
Paul Noel
All you Need to Know
Sheri K
-Saania Sparkle
Monkey’s Tale

This is huge. For someone that has “just started” with his blogging career (we are still talking of less than 2 months activity), having those kind of numbers is absolutely ridicolous! I love it! This is a huge boost in my motivation (and my ego) to keep doing what i am doing and try to be better every signe day.

At the end of the day, it seems that i am on the right path and the post i write are the right ones. I have a lot of work in front of me, especially looking at my ability to write without any kind of grammatic errors, but with this results i feel i can do everything!

Now the goa is to have another 500 like. This itime i would love to reach them in less than 53 days. Which means that before the end of March i will be there to talk about my next milestone: the “1000 likes”!

Ready to see the magic happens? With all your support it will be absolutely possible!

I thank you for everything you did intul right now!

See ya


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