Pregnant: what’s behind the scene?

Nine months. It’s a “small” amount of time, compared to an entire life. In this nine months everything will change forever. Life will never be the same. You die and you reborn again. Being Pregnant is one of the most exciting, amazing and mindblowing moment in a couple’s life.

Little disclaimer: this post will be related to women. Men, in this times, apart from the support, doesn’t have a huge role in the pregnancy itself. Let’s continue.

What is being pregnant?

Pregnancy is the results of lot of thoughts, fear and quite as many up and downs. Between understanding if you are ready to be a parents, the physical and especially mentally effort, to make sure both that everything goes on plan and that she gets pregnant, and the realisation that you will have a baby in nine months, you had no time to rest. Luckly for you, pregnancy will give you some time to precess things and prepared yourselves to the most amazing journey in a couple’s life.

Being Pregnant: the beginning

The beginning of the pregnancy is, in most cases, a moment of joy. The woman will put herself in the mental mood to become a mom. As a man, i can’t even start to thing of all the emotions coming throught a woman’s mind. However, i’m sure that those emotion must be the strongest she can possibl feel.


The body itself will start to change: The belly is getting bigger (even if it’s not for every woman in the same way) and her breast is getting also bigger. The big breast, however, might be a pleasent or an horrible surprised. In this nine months, women with a small breast can “enjoy the view”, but those, who already had a big breast, can “curse” that size and the pain to carry on. As a man, my eyes would be happy to see that growth…

Learning phase

She maybe starts to read other women’s experience. It’s not so strange. Women doesn’t have idea what they are about to experience. So, they try to get an idea of what to expect in the month ahead her. They will read a lot of books about pregnancy, to understand the possible problems during pregnancy. Seeing them reading blogs, forums or internet pages is a very common thing.

She might even start look for a perfect name for the baby. In some case they will set a list of possible names to think about. Oh, and she’s gonna analyse the form of the belly, only to know the gender of the baby. And will gonna talk about weird thought and have fear of something will maybe never happen. For lot of men, women act “crazy” during the pregnancy. Guys, we are talking about making sure to give birth to an healthy and screaming cute baby. I would be weird if women don’t act a little bit “crazy” and “worried”.

Being pregnant as Responsability

Pregnancy means also a huge amount of responsability and waivers. A woman has to be visited regularly, she’s maybe not allowed to eat certain food and she’s also maybe forced to so some light exercises to make sure that her body doesn’t have any kind of problems after the birth. Or, if she’s unlucky, she has to be in bed all the time, because the pregnancy is a risky one and to be sure not to witness an abort, she must rest as much as she can possibly can. To be honest, all this waivers and precautions suck.

Giving up to part of your life, maybe forever, is never good, even if it’s for a wonderful cause. As a man i would not do that, but luckly God decided that women were more able to get the job done…even i know that now lot of women around the world would think “oh, lucky me…”.

Pregnancy pain

Pain is also is something women have to live with for the entire nine months. Between feet, back, legs, ankles i am sure that all the woman’s body hurts at the end of the day, especially if this woman works and both the boss and the collegues doesn’t have any kind of emphathy for the mom-to-be. Most important of them all, pregnancy is full of dreams, fears, intimate moments and hopes. In this nine months, women start to think of how the baby will look like (it will be perfect, i already tell you), if it will scream once it’s out, how will it feel to have it in her arm: she will fantasize when it will start to talk, walk and all the first times.

Pregancy emotions

She will have fear for every single “weird” moments: she will be worried if the baby doesn’t move as usual, if it moves more than usual, if she will have more or less pain and i am sure for so many other things that i can’t even imagine.

Hopes belongs to pregnancy. She hopes that the baby inside her is healthy and it will remain healthy. She hopes that the baby has a wonderful life full of success and joy and she hopes that the baby, once become an adult, will look at her with gratiture for all the things she’s done to make him or her happy.

Pregnancy Bond

She will share with the baby a bond that goes beyond words. It’s impossible for a man to understand what it feels to have a living being grows inside you and feel the changes. Every time a see a pregnant woman sitting on her own, touching her belly with a small smile of her face, i would love to know what she fells in those mometns, but i think that it’s right so that women have those “private moments” with the baby and it’s even more right that this moment remain between mom and baby.

Pregnancy is an absolutely bless for those who really want to be parent. Future parents, be sure to enjoy this moments as long as it last. Don’t waste any moment and embrace every single second of this nine months!

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