SuperPower #2: Reading Minds.

I like Superpowers. I really think that they are a very funny and interesting things to think of and and fantasize about. With all the superpower we can think of, i could actually create a new column! I started with the “predicting the future” power, now it’s time to get a little bit more personal. The question now is: if you had the chance, would you want to be able to read someone else’s mind?

Thing here are about to get too personal and chaotic pretty soon. This powers is one of the most interesting and dangerous ones. One one side you can do a lot of good, but you can create a one of the biggest mess ever.

The Good Side of this Superpower!

Being able to read the most intimate thought in someone else’s mind can help you to make people happy. You will know what they really, really want, without they say any word. A present, a hug, a little bit of support or the right word in the right time would be for you easy, because you will know the perfect timing. More than that, you will even know the right moment to take a step away from someone, when this someone will needs some space.

The Perfect Psychologist

You can become the greatest psychologist of all time. People will come to you and without even saying a word, you will be able to give them the right advice. Do you have any idea how many people are in big trouble to find someone they can talk to? And those people are often people who might whether get depressed or they start to take distance from the society, because whether they think that nobody understands them for real or they feel like aliens everywhere they go and whatever they do.

You can save those people, because your ability will give you access to those part of thier thoughts that they will never EVER show, because too dark, to hard to show or too embarrasing to put into words. The funny parts is that they don’t need to show it to you, because you know it already. You might be the one they need to be saved.

The Perfect Lover

If you are in a relationship, you will become all of a sudden the best partner/lover your beloved can ever dream of. You will know every single wish, darkest secrets, perversion, fantasay, need and fear he or she has and will ever have. In love, there’s nothing more satisfying to make your partner happy and with this power you actually achieve the happiness you are looking for. Maybe you might think that it’s sad and it should be better to talk with your partner, but what if your partner doesn’t want to talk about it? Sometimes too many secrets can destroy relationships…

The Bad Side of the Superpower!

Keeping Control.

This superpower is very hard to handle. It requires control, sensitivity and discretion. We are talking about getting into place where very few people, or even no one, have free access to it. If you have no idea how to control your power, it can destroy you. The key is to get access in other’s mind, only when necessary. It not nice when you get in other’s minds, just to have some gossip to talk about. This is very rude, unkind and absolutely disrespectful to other’s privacy. More than that it can be very chaotic.

The Danger of Getting Crazy.

Around us there are a lot of people and all of them think every single second if their lives: when they walk, when they eat, when they wait the bus. In every second of our lives we have some thoughts going on in our minds. Maybe you don’t notice some of them, but they are there. If you are not able to control the power, have you any idea how many voices and useless informations you are going to hear? Your mind might be destroyed from all the voices around you and you will not be able to stop them. You can get mentally sick pretty soon and in a very bad way.

A Selfish use of your Superpower

Oh, and maybe you can use your power in the very wrong possible way. At work you can use the power to screw someone else to have the promotion you don’t deserve or you can play with the other’s mind to get what you want. I am sure, you are saying “oh, no! I would never do that!”…are you sure? I mean, humanity is made by sinners and once we have the opportunity, we would use our power in a very dangerous and selfish way. Not all of us would do that, but lot of us for sure.

With our friends you can spoil secrets you should not. Think about of a person who’s in love with another and you tell that. Maybe you thing to do a favour to both of them, but in truth you are just messed up an already probably very complicated situation. Secrets are there for a reason: with your power you might read them, but you will NEVER ever use it, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Messing with two innocents souls like that, spoiling something emberrasing, is just rude.


Reading someone else’s mind is a very interesinting a fascinating power. It allows us to do something very good and also something very bad. Would i love to have it? If i were able to control it, i would love to have it, otherwise it would be too dangerous.

And you, would you love to read other’s mind or you think that it’s just a violation of privacy?

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