Strategy as a Key for Success?

Have you ever been on Amazon? Of couse you have. That was a stupid question. Let me re-start! Have you ever looked for a book about blogging on Amazon? No? Yes? Well, it doesn’t really matter. The funny part about that research is that there are out there authors, who write in their book a potencial strategy to be successful, sometimes in a very detailed way. The question is: are they right or it’s just a waste of time?

Authors and weird way to think

I have nothing against all this authors. I really don’t. We need to earn money somehow and if with those books those authours can do that, who are we to say they are not allowed to do that? This is a free world an they have all the right to offer something. It’s up to us to accept that offer or not. If you want buy them, do it! However, this is not what i want to talk about. I want to talk about the fact that i most of those books, the authors think to know the “perfect strategy” to be successful.

In those books there are pages and pages where they describe what to do and what not to do to be successful. Those books are the funniest book ever, because they don’t make any sense to me. Yes, maybe you can find here and there some good advice, but the goal of this book is absolutely ridicolous. The reason are two basically: people and circumstances. Let’s start with circumstances.


Once you open a blog, the question is there in your mind: how can i get to the top? That thought is there, destroying your brain every day, every single time you post something. To find an answer to that question, you think that buying some book about blogging might be uselful for your cause. Yes, maybe they can be useful for specific problems (like the SEO, for example), but for the rest are all useless. Success is not something you can control or predict. It just happens. With some hard work, you can help the faith to find you, but it’s not something certain. All this author, who assume to know enough, forget to tell you something important.

Being Lucky as factor in your strategy

Those books don’t consider something crucial: luck. Being lucky is a very important ingredients. You can write a meaningful and perfectly writter post, that nobody will read, or you can just publish an empty post with only few nonsense picture and have millions of views and interactions. This is internet. You can become famous with only one post, even not well written.

In addition, those books tell you when to post, what to post, where to post and too much other stuff, when in truth the only thing you need is a perfect timing and lot of luck. Internet is a too much randomic place where it’s impossible to predict anything. Although what work the beginning of the year, can be too old at the end if, destroying every single strategy you have thoughts or tried to follow in the last 365 days. Human being change and internet changes with it. Preditc the future is absolutely impossible.


Uniqueness of Who We Are.

I hate that books because they want to put all the blogging universe in the same big pot. For those authors, we are just numbers and our statistics only data to analyse. This is not like that. Blogging is not a solid colour universe where every single blogger and every single blog work with the same specific pattern. This is not the reality.

Reality is way much different. Every single blog, with its own community, works indipendently and very different from the others: there are blogs with hundreds of thousands of follower, other much smaller; there are bloggers who post more times daily, other only few time monthly; there are community who are very active, others not so much.

Topics for setting the perfect strategy

Even the topic are different: food blogging works differently from travel blogging and those two are different that fashion blogging. Those three kind of topic, like all the other topic, need a different approach, a different work behind the scene and a very different strategy. Even inside the sane niche (like fashion for example), people and subtopics are very different. In fashion, for example, there are those who talk about the history, other report the Fashion Week all over the globr and other talk about the upcoming news. All those three subtopics have different people and need to be treated differently, using three different strategy.
All those books are telling us that “blogging is all the same!” when it’s not.


As long as those books talk about how internet works and the mechanics behind search engines and social media, i am fine with that, because algorithm and search engines have some kind of pattern you can learn and use. For the rest, those authors have basically no idea what they are talking about. Yes, they write a lot of words, but those words are mostly empty words, sometimes completely far away from reality.

There’s no a standard strategy. If you want to be successful you need to work hard, see your statistic and analyse how people ona specific platform behave. Then, and only then, you can start to put together what will be your potencial strategy. Don’t waste money buying books from authors who pretend to know everything, when in truth they don’t know absolutely nothing.

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