A Life Together: What you need to know!

Is your relationship giong amazingly? After the firsr date, several fight and intimacy you have reached, are you thinking that maybe the one you love is the right one? Well, if it’s so, i think that it’s time for you two to think of a life together. It sounds all so simple, but it’s not! Before to do something very stupid, just make sure that you are well aware of the meaning of living together. What is the meaning? just continue to read.

As soon as you decide to live together, everything is fine. Everything looks so beautiful and romantic. You both start even to think of to have a baby, to make things perfect. Even if everything sounds fantastic, don’t move too fast. There are a couple of things to clear before to do anything. Living together might be complicated. It should not be, but we are human being and things can get pretty bad quickly.

Rules will save you!

Being together, and especially being in the same house together, needs some rule to be respected and followed. They are rules to make sure to understand who does what. It’s not healthy to live in a relationship where someone does everything and the other nothing. Take a sit, a piece of paper and decide who’s responsible for what in the house.

Of couse, both of you two have to know how to do everything in the house, in case the other is not in the condition to do anything. Anyway, as long as you both are in shape, you have divide the things to do in the house. There’s no “but”. Once decided, you have to deliver. If you don’t, because you are too lazy, the house can be a mess. And no one loves to live in a mess, where nothing works. Keep the house clean and working means happiness in the couple. Remember that!

Sharing si Caring in the life together!

Are you thinking that those rules are already hard? Do we want to talk about the stuff to keep it and the ones to throw away? If you star a life together, you both have the same things: glasses, dishes, pots, pans, towels and everything you both needed to live alone. Now, that you are together, you are maybe gonna use the one set of towel in the kitchen. The question now is: who’s going to give up the most? Because it will be pretty impossible to divide 50-50 what to use and what to put in the garage. One of you will give up more than the other. Just make sure not to screw things up, because you are mad about it. Because it might become a reason to fight. Be careful there.

Leave you some Space in your life together!

Be sure to have enough space for yourself. In this case i mean literally a space for yourself. A couple of rooms in the house where you both can be alone for a while and do whatever you need to. I know that you are in love and you feel powerless and without breath when you are apart, but it’s so now because you live apart. Once you start a life together you will be there all the time. You can be in love as much as you want, one day you both will need your spaces. No matter why, you will need it. If you have a private space for yourselves where you can escape for a while from the routine it’s a wonderful thing.

Be patient and Understand!

More than that, there’s something you both must have to have a successul life together perfectly: patience and acceptance. Without those two things all the rest is pretty useless. You must have patience that the other might not be perfect, that he or she will do something stupid, nonsense or in a different way you would have done that. It’s not a reason to fight…unless he or she will cause a huge damage. So, you have to accept the fact that the one you love is not like you are and he or she will not do the thing as you would do them. The same must be fot your partner: he or she must accept the fact that you are you and you do certain things differently.

More than that, you both have to accept the other’s habits, even if they are weird. Until those habits don’t influence your private life, you both have to keep and accept them. As soon as you or your partner will start to get mad because of one of those habits, it means that there’s a problem between you two. Maybe is nothing serious, but it’s a signal that you need to talk about something….i mean technically you should talk every time to find your balance, but in those specific moment even more.

So, my lovely couple, are you ready to move i and have some fun?

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