Young me: Thing i Would do Better!

It’s gonna be a pretty short post this one. I have read often people writing about “think i would say to my younger self!”, where people get melodramatic with a post about past and thing could do better when they were young. My “think i would say to my teenage myself! would be like this: going back in time, yelling, insulting and swearing for the entire time against my younger self.

According to my statistics i write on average 900 words every post. So, this post would be 900 words full of insults and swearings. how could i not do that?

I don’t want to make the pill sweeter: i wastes my entire young age because i was an idiot. I mean, now i know that i was a stupid guy. At the time i thought to be someone cool and to do the right things. Useless to say that i was wrong. If i had a time machine, i would find my younger self and i would punch him in the face so hard that he would not remember anything.

After looking that poor crying young guy, i would gave him a tissue and sit together soewhere. Then, i would start to tell him all the things he needs to do differently.

Be Good at School

The first thing would be “finish the school as best as you can possibly can!” I have never been amazing in school, just a normal guy with normal ability. I had my moments, when i was young, but i was never the “coolest” or the “smartest” guy in the entire school. However, for some unknown reason, i thought to belong to the best, even if i wasn’t one of them. Only later i realised that this attitude doesn’t help at all. I would tell to my teenage self to sacrifice a little bit of free time after school to learn and be prepared for the tests.

Change the Way to Think of School.

I would also tell him to look at school not as a obligation, but as an opportunity. I always thought of tests as a “duty”, when in truth those tests are made for test if my knowledge. Everything turned around to reach the next class the following scholl year. It’s so sad, to think about it right now. Instead of looking at school as the only way to create my future, i thought only to survive. This stupid young mentality was the reason why i had a poor graduation. After that, i had a very hard time to find a good job. My Poor graduation was the main reason why i had to leave my country and move to Germany. I am pretty sure that with a better graduation, i would still be in Italy. Who knows!

Choose wisely Your Job until you are Young!

The second thing i would scream to him would be “don’t even think of an apprenticeship”. I graduated as a surveyor. Aafter the school you had two choices: whether find a job as an employee or an apprenticeship. The good side of apprenticeship was that after 18 months, and a test, you can work as a self-employee. I don’t know what i took or smoked the night before, but i decided to do the apprenticeship. That was a wrong move for two reason: you are a slave (long hours weekly, small paid) and no insurance. In Germany those apprenticeship last 3 to 3,5 years, you are insured and you are paid 900 euros. It’s still less money, but the half of the time you are in school.

My horrible Experience in my young Age!

The company, i did my apprenticeship at, was absolutely disgusting, because i was mobbed fro six months straight. It was told me that i was incompetent (i was 20 years old and it was my first job), a dickhead and i was forced to watch porn. I regret that decision still today.
Honestly, looking how much i love blogging, i would advice him to open a blog. Ten years ago was a golden age of blogging…maybe i would have found my way ten years earlier and know i would have lived a different lives.

Look Around You, Idiot!

And third, i would say “look what happen around you!”. For most of my youth i met very nice guy and girls, with some of them i was friend for several years and i have created my good group of friends. I was happy! Then, in summer of 2010, because of a stupid thing, my company splitted and the half of them were for me gone forever. So in that summer i used to go out with a small group of people. It was the beginning fo the end for me.

Choose your friends much more wisely!

It was a summer night at a pub. I was chilling with those few friends (two girsl and two other guy), when one of my female friend didn’t see a nice guy she had a little “crush”. For some unknown reason, i stood up, went to the guy, who was together with his group of friends, and i told him that my friend wanted to meet him. Please, don’t judge me…i was stupid!

I ended up in a very toxic group of people. In that group, i have never fit at all and the other thought that i was an idiot. I hang up with them for a year, the worst year of my life. I knew that i was in the wrong place, but i wasn’t strong enough to leave them behind me. When i had the courage to left, everything changed. For the first time i was alone and i had no idea what to do.

I would tell to this idiots “Never left a old good group of friend for something new. It’s stupid!”

Well, i said this post had been short. Sorry for that. Apparently i had a couple of things i needed to get out my chest. Would my life be different? Maybe, but i would have some amusement punching myself in the face!

See ya


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4 thoughts on “Young me: Thing i Would do Better!

  1. I actually do something different. Instead of writing to my younger self, I write to my future self. These notes that I write to my future self are called my Time Capsule letters. In them I write about my current thoughts and feelings but I also write about what I predict my future to me like.

    I’d ask my future self things like “did you end up getting that job you wanted?” “Did you ask that boy out?” “Are you still friends with this person?” “Do you still live in the same place?”

    Things like that. Not only does that double as me releasing any thoughts and feelings that stress me out now, but as a memory to remind my future self of where we used to be. I’ve been doing this for 8+ years now, read some old letters, and I can see how much I’ve grown up and I’m proud of myself.

      1. That’s understandable, I wouldn’t want to know my future either. Because like you said, living life in the most genuine way possible and not fearing the unknown is part of life. But my Time Capsule isn’t about knowing the future. I don’t know what my future holds. I’m writing about myself now so that my future self can look back on how much I’ve grown since then. It’s just a sense of accomplishment for me. Writing also keeps my goals in check (and they do change) and as a therapeutic stress reliever. The act of writing to my younger self isn’t worthwhile for the lifestyle that I live because the past is the past and I can’t change that. I’m always going to know what I should have done different. Me writing to my future self is like writing to a friend. My thoughts now are going to a different mind later. It’s fun. I actually stored away my letters for about 5 years before I read them again.

        I guess I’m fortunate to say that everything worked out for the better. I don’t feel as if I failed at anything. My views back then are different than my views now and I still feel like I’m on the right path. For me, reading back on my notes let’s me know that life can go all sorts of directions and shows me all the opportunities I came across instead of what I thought would have happened instead. I guess my letters are just check up letters to see how I’m doing.

        I agree with your viewpoints about not wanting to know the future, but that’s just not what my Time Capsule is about.

        1. Oh, i understand…i would not do that either. For me might be very sad. I don’t want to look back to my past and see how much i failed. Nope. Everything around future must be secret for me!

          Thank you for sharing it! I really appreciate that!

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