Are you a Smart person?

Every single one of us thinks to be smart. I mean, i don’t think that we look ourselves in the mirror saying “Oh, damn, i am stupid!” with pride and a huge smile on our faces. It doesn’t work like that. We all think that somehow we possess a good enough brain to live in this society. The question is: are you sure about that?

Be sure to use the right words!

Are you sure to say that you are smart? I’m not saying that you are as stupid as a fly that crush its head against the window. Are you sure that you are definig yourself in the right way? Because often we get confused between the word “wise”, “knowledge” and the word “intelligence”. I have heard often people who said “oh my god, you are smart” only when someone quoted a phrase. Before to go any further, i want to find a definition of those words.

Knowledge: “the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association”.
Wisdom: “knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life, through understanding things that most other people cannot understand”
Intelligence: “The ability to use memory, knowledge, experience, understanding, reasoning, imagination and judgement in order to solve problems and adapt
to new situations.”

As soon as i wrote those definitions, i realised something that we all have knowledge, but we are not all smart or intelligent.

Knowledge and wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom is the easy part. Everyone can be smart. The only thing you have to do is reading, learning, talking with other people and collect a lot of experience. More is not necessary. The more you collect information in your mind, the more knowledge you are and the more wiser you can become. The only thing require are time to learn and make new experience and money to travel and buy books.
Right now, i have a very big problem: often people show “knowledge and wisdom”, even if they have no idea what they are talking about. They just say things, people have hard time to understand, and they pretend to know the meaning of those words perfectly. The funny part of this people is when you ask them to say more about it, because maybe you are very interested in those words, they have no idea what to say or they just give you a generic explanation, saying everything and nothing at the same time. Am i the only one who have dealt with those people in his life?

Technically everyone can be wise: more knowledge in your brain, the wiser you can be. But being smart is a completely another story.

Being Smart

Only a few amount of people can say to theirselves that they are smart. I am not, for example. I know a lot fo things, most of them are unnecessary notions, but i have often hard times to use this knowledge to solve problems. And that’s what makes a person smart: using part, or all, of the knowledge he or she has to solve problem or to obtain more knowledge. Being smart is the ability to see a problem, analyse it and find the right solution. The better you analyse and the faster you find the solution, the smarter you are.
I’m sure you know a very small number of people with this kind of quality. I personally can say that my fingers are enough to count all of them. I know too much people who shows “wisdom”, masked them as “being smart”, but they are not smart at all.

My mom is a smart woman. I don’t say it because is my mom, but because she’s really smart. She doesn’t posses a huge amount of wisdom, because her family didn’t allow her to go to school or to get wiser, but she collect a lot of personal experience that she’s perfectly able to use to solve all of her problems. And she’s not the only one: how many men and women out there, who are not “the wisest person in the history” was able to ground a company or to be successful in life. Not because they were lucky, maybe a little bit, but they had the ability to see an opportunity, analyse it and find the right answers to it.

What’s better? Being smart or wise?

In today’s world, we have too much information, but we have lost the ability to use them. We can say to know the world we have around, but if we need to solve something big, we get confused, we panic and we don’t work anymore as we use to.

It doesn’t make for me any sense to be super wise and have so much knowledge, when i am not even able to choose the right ticket for the train. I think that it’s better to be “ignorant” (not knowing a lot of things), but be able to solve any problem in my life.
There’s always time to become wise, but it’s hard to become smart. Becoming smart is a huge work, where you have to change the way you thing…and i tell you that not all of us is able to achieve that!

What’s better for you? Being wise or being smart?

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