Nude on Social media: is it Worthy?


Have you ever been on Instagram? Well, if you have a business, Instagram is also the place to be. However, there’s something interesting going on around Instagram. If you follow a female celebrity, you can easily find on her profile at least one nude picture. And those women use this nude picture as a “femininity celebration”. Is this “nude” really something to celebrate and encourage or to disapprove and forbidden?

My relation with nude bodies

I am not a puritan. I am not one who point the finger on those women who use thier body to make money. To be honest, i am the last person on Earth who can judge those women. In my brain more picture of nude women than nerves. I can’t count how many hours i have spent in those specific site where you can see…you know, interesting stuff. As a man, i am happy to see nude women on internet. As long as we talk about specific internet pages, it’s all fine. However, on social media i don’t want to see that kind of contents.

Reason Behind my thought on nude

Community Guideline

Every single social media has its own community guidelines, that have to respect and follow. They are there to protect everyone. On social media there are all kind of human beings and and they deserve to have the best possible experience.
Instagram and Facebook have a very clear policy about nude: you can’t post any nude pictures. Only in few cases a person can show a nude body, like breastfeeding, for example. This policy is not something applied to certain profile, just for fun. Every single account on that platform has to follow this policy. If you don’t follow it, or if you behave wrongly too often, you can say goodbye to your account forever.

However, the quantity of nude body on that platform is ridicolous high. Why? Because the Algorithm is stupid. Those nude bodies are not explicit content (like Playboy), but they cover just enough to pass through the algorithm. We are still talking about nude bodies, because they are nude, but they are there, even if they should not. As a man, i like nude women’s body, but when it’s too much is too much.

When i am on Instagram i don’t want to see those kind of content. I just want to see everything else, but not nude. The problem is that the algorithm is rotten. I don’t know how it works exactly, but Instagram pushes the content with a huge amount of interactions. And often the content with a lot of interactions are those with women with few and transparent clothes on.

Internet Itself

There’s something you probably don’t know about it: a huge part of the entire internet we can see provides nude material for every taste. I’m not talking about the most viewed site, but a big part of internet consists on platofrm where users upload a huge amount of explicit content (moslty illegally). However, there also legal platform, where women can share their love for thier bodies a their abilities in front of a camera. With all the amount of sites, where women can share their beauty, why do they have to choose a social media, where nudity is not something nive to post? I mean, it’s like asking for a steak in a vegan shop.

More than that, those platforms help those women with money, because if you want to see those content, you have to pay for it…often a lot of money. I mean, it would be perfect for everyone: for the women, who earns lot of money, and for the viewers, who would know where to see those contents. Why don’t women use more often those platforms? Because Instagram gives people one thing that adults site don’t do: visibility. A post on Instagram reaches more people than on (name a site your choose).


I don’t really understand nude on social media. If you love your body doesn’t mean that we love to see it. Those women are not allower to force us to “celebrate” something we don’t want to. Of couse, if i am not happy with those profile i don’t follow them, but if Instagram itself pushes this content, i have no choice but to see them, even if i don’t want to. There are several reason why nude on social media is wrong: maybe because we don’t like to see nude on Instagram, maybe because some of us is gay, maybe we find nude body groos and many other reasons.

When i am on social media i expect too see everything, but not nude, on the contrary, when i am on the “PH” site, i don’t expect to see someone cooking…well, technically there are aslo people cooking in some videos, althought the cooking doesn’t last too long. I think that we should start to understand that there’s a place for everything and, more importantly, there are rules that need to be followed. Rules are not there to be broken and we don’t have every time to find a grey area.

Respect people and the rules!

See ya


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