Time Capsule: a Good Thing to do?

For this post i have to thank Lily Anne for the inspiration. Everything started with this post: “Things i would say to my past self“. It was another amazing post, like i usually write (i’m kidding, sorry) until Lily Anne saw randomly my post, opened it and left the following comment about something about Time Capsule. What is she talking about?

Where everything started!

That’s the comment she left me. Read it, because it worth it!

That’s understandable, I wouldn’t want to know my future either. Because like you said, living life in the most genuine way possible and not fearing the unknown is part of life. But my Time Capsule isn’t about knowing the future. I don’t know what my future holds. I’m writing about myself now so that my future self can look back on how much I’ve grown since then. It’s just a sense of accomplishment for me. Writing also keeps my goals in check (and they do change) and as a therapeutic stress reliever.

The act of writing to my younger self isn’t worthwhile for the lifestyle that I live because the past is the past and I can’t change that. I’m always going to know what I should have done different. Me writing to my future self is like writing to a friend. My thoughts now are going to a different mind later. It’s fun. I actually stored away my letters for about 5 years before I read them again.

(…) Everything worked out for the better. I don’t feel as if I failed at anything. My views back then are different than my views now and I still feel like I’m on the right path. For me, reading back on my notes let’s me know that life can go all sorts of directions and shows me all the opportunities I came across instead of what I thought would have happened instead. I guess my letters are just check up letters to see how I’m doing.
I agree with your viewpoints about not wanting to know the future, but that’s just not what my Time Capsule is about.

What are Time Capsules?

Yes, she’s a freaking smart woman, let me tell you. However, the question pops up in my mind: are “time capsules” useful? Now, i don’t want to talk for everyone, because it would be a little bit too pretencious. For that reason this post will be a personal thought about it.

The “Time Capsule” technique would not work on me. It’s too much pressure. Time capsules are technically pages of a “personal diary” you leave to your future self. Inside this capsules can be everything, literally everything: random thoughts, promises, goal to achieve or advices. As soon as you write it down, what you have to say to your future self, stored it in a protected place. When the moment comes, it can be a any time in the future, you take all those notes out, from where you hide them, and you start to read them. Have you any idea how hard it can be reading those time capsules?

Let’s play a little game with Time Capsule

Just assume that now i write down that in 5 years i promise myself to become a successful blogger because, in the moment i wrote this capsule, i felt alone, lost and i wanted to change things. I put that “time capsule” in a secret place and let it there for five years. Maybe it’s just a personal outlet, nothing more, but we are technically talking about a promise to change things.
Once the moment comes, i will take that note and i read it. In this specific moment i have two possible scenarios: a good one or a bad one.

The Good side of Time Capsule

The good scenario is the scenario where i actually did it. I have kept the promise. So, i would read this letter with pride, because i actually achieved the goal i wanted to achieve, with satisfaction, knowing that i did it despite everything and everyone and with a little bit of nostalgia, because in the meantime 5 years are passed and i am 5 years older. I think that i would be a very happy and weird moment at the same time…i mean, talking through a letter with the younger self is actually pretty weird. But it would be awesome, looking back to all the hard work, sacrifice i made to get to the point where i can say: i did it!

The Bad side of Time Capsule

It’s sound fantastic, i know! The problem is that this world loves to screw our lives, so there’s the high chance that you will be on the other side of the story…the side where you have failed for whatever reason. Can you imagine how painful could be? Maybe you have had an accident, you could not blog anymore alone and you haven’t found a help to continue with the blog, maybe something in your life has changed and you had to give up on your goal or maybe the follower have left you alone. Failure are always there, right behind the corner.

It’s not necessarely the fact that you have failed because you have been lazy or not talented enough. In 5 years everything can happen and you never know what might come. Emotion in that specific moment would be too strong and too much to handle. If you have made peace with that demon, you can read this letter with distance, like something worthless, but if you don’t…well, better to burn that letter as fast as you can possibly can.

Would i keep a Time Capsule in my life?

I would not write any time capsule under any circumstances ever. Once you write that letter for yourself in the future, it’s on. You have to try to deliver as much as you can. As i said, too much pressure. I don’t want to put it on myself.
I know that time capsule should not make any pressure, but they just testify of a time in the past, but my brain knows that i made a promise to myself, so it will force me to do all the necessary to make things happen. It’s too much. I just want leave the moment and when i got where i want to be, i will look back and enjoy the journey i did!

Thank you Lili Anne. You have been an ispiration to me!

See ya


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