Community: Are you sure to know it?

Being a blogger means essentially one thing: sharing your thought with an audience. It doesn’t really if you have a small or a huge one, are you sure to know it? I don’t mean literally with name and surname. It would be pretty hard when you have millions of followers. Still, do you know your community? Because it’s a pretty crucial question.

What to post first through Statistics.

Technically you entire blogging experience might base on knowing the community you are talking to. How can you know what to post if you have no idea what your follower wants to see. I’m not saying you have to change your nature, starting to talk about what they want.. However there may be things you offer that your community loves more than others. Maybe you have a blog, where you talk about food and traveling, and your community loves both, but they prefer to read more posts about traveling than food or viceversa.

Knowing your Community throught Views

How can you know that? How can you know what to post first? Statistics might be useful, but be careful where you look at: if you based your thoughts about views, you are wrong. Yes, with these numbers you know how many viewers you had and how many views you reveiced daily, weekly or montly, but there is only one problem: you have no idea who it was. It might me someone who casually came to your blog or it might be one of your closest and amost active follower. Do you know it? Absolutely not.

No matter where you open you blog (wordpress or blogger) the views are just a number which you feed your ego and you can improve your motivation. Nothing more, nothing less. The only thing you can understand from your views overview is where those views come from. And every day might be different: different countries or different amount of people each country.

The views are usefull only after a long time of activity…in that case you can understand a couple of thing (the best country and the best language to write your blog) and also try something different with the marketing. If you are new and after a couple of months you think to know how exactly you blog goes, your are probably wrong…very wrong.

Knowing your Community throught Interactions

Different story are the numbers of likes or comments. This two parameters are much more uselful for you. There are two reasons why you should watch more like and comments than views: appreciation and notification.


The first reason is the appreciation. With the number of likes you can understand what people like to read more. If you have two different segments (food and travel) and with food you have much more like and comment than travel, maybe you need to start to push a little bit more on food than on traveling. However, be careful: if you push too much on food, and you forget to post regularly about traveling, there’s the risk that people can get bornig pretty fast. Just make sure to find a good balance between those two topics, because even if traveling is not loved as food, there are people who loves to read about traveling and if you don’t give them what they want, they can leave you and start to follow another blogger.


The second reason are the notifications: you know exactly where leaves you a like or a comment. I’m on WordPress and, as soon as someone interacts wiht my content, i know it immediately. Which give me a huge advantage: i know who is a “loyal” soldier and who is a “casual” viewers. If someone leaves me a like every single time i post something, i know exactly that this person wants to support me, so this person is in my radar in case i have to thank someone or, even better, if i have to promote or work with someone. Those people are in the top of my list. Even if i am a very, very, very, small blogger, i have my little community, based on people who interact almost every time with my contents. I love it.

Even better is someone donates you money to keep going. In this case, the certainty to have a new FOLLOWER is 100%. I mean, who would spend money for someone not worthy? Nobody!

Be sure to know your community, what they want and who are the most actives. In this case you can base your entire future moves: who to thank, what to talk about and who to invite in case you want to meet you “inner circles” of aficionados. To do that, don’t make the huge mistake to watch your views: those are number who tricks you. If you want to know how you blog is doing, likes and comments are the best options for you.

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