E-Sport: The future?!

If you were a kid in the 90s, you already know what i am going to talk about. For the rest of the people (40-years-old men and women and older) i will be like watching a movie backwards. What the hell are the E-Sport? And why am i talking about it?

E-sport vs Old Job.

Old people think that playing with videogames is just a huge waste of time. For them teenager have to go to school to find a real job. Yes…why do i have the feeling that those people have no idea how the world around them really works?

In the 21st Century there are not so much certainties. One is the following: the world is changing…pretty fast by the way. “Real Jobs”, like the world is used to think, are now only one of the options available. Before internet and technology people had only one choice: find a “real Job”, like a mechanic, teacher, doctors and all the other normal jobs. Those jobs are still there, but now youngs all over the world have an alternative…a pretty freaking lucrative alternative. Yes, playing videogames is becoming a business, a billion-dollar business by the way. I’m not kidding. Don’t you believe me?

Money and E-sport.

Have you ever heard of Clash-Royale? Wait…have you ever heard you kids talking about Clash Royale? Well, probably not! It’s a mobile-game, where you have to choose eight card bewteen more than hundred. With those eight card you have to beat your opponent, using this card as an “army” on a battelfield, destroying the tower on the opponents side and protecting yours. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

Why am i saying this? In one of the official tournmanents in 2021, the winner team could win half a million dollar…and that winner can be even a 15-years-old, maybe even your son or daugther, because he or she was good, because he or she “spent too much time on videogames!”. A normal employee, like you maybe, will never see half a million dollars all in once…maybe in 15 years of hard work. Your kid can make that money in one evening, playing videogames. Are you still sure that your kid is wasting time in front of a screen?

E-sport as Entertainment.

Of course not all the kids can become “professional players” in the E-sport. You can play as much as you want, but if you are not good enough you will never make it. So, it’s crucial to think of a plan B. No…i’m not talking about go to school and have a good graduation. Just be honest: this is just a piece of paper that opens the gate of hell. Is your kid not so good for an official E-Sports team? (I will tak about it later)

Well, he or she can still entertain people on Twich or Youtube. A camera, a microphone, a good internet connection and see the magic. Do you have any idea how many other teenager might be ready to invest a huge amount of money to see your kid playing? Throught subscription, donation and partnership with big companies, the business can be pretty big. Yes, behind the scene there must be a huge work and entire days dedicated to play, but if the kid is good enough to entertain people, why not try it?
If he or she already dedicated a huge amount of his or her time to play, why not to make money from it?

The kid can do what it loves the most, it can maybe make lot of money and you can spare your “real money” for something else. However, don’t be jealous is your kid will earn in one year what you earned in 50 years of “hard work and dedication”.

Real vs Digital Sport

Even the “real sport” have understood the business. Soccer, Formula One and MotoGP have already started their own E-Sport championships. Teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Yamaha, Ducati have already their own team, playing in the E-Sport Championship. There’s a Formula One E-Sports Series, a MotoGp E-Championship and a the various soccer E-Championship in europe. All the team members are teenager or adults, very talented people, who have “wasted their lives on the screen” and now they represent a billion-dollar company in a billion-dollar business.


It’s time for parents to get interested in what kids are doing in their room and see what they are doing. Yes, if they play videogames just because they have nothing better to do is a waste of time, but if you parents will show the will to support your kids if he or she wants to start a career in this business, maybe that kid may start to think about it. Maybe it won’t be a champion, but it’s not necessary to be good for being rich!

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  1. I don’t know if you’re into anime or Asian drama shows, but have you seen The King’s Avatar? It’s on Netflix. It kept getting recommended to me so I recently started watching it. It’s also about an E-Sport.

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