World without Rules? Is it Possible?


We are living a world full of rules to follow. They define your daily life: where to park, how to take the train, how to pay taxes and many more. Since the pandemic started, we have even more of them to follow, both to protect ourselves and the other. The law define our lives and what we can do or not. Now, i am wondering, What if…a World without Rules? Ready to have a lot of fun?

For some of us it’s important to have rules, but for other, a lot of us, rules are only guidelines they can decide either to follow or not. Just imagine an extreme case scenario where the law doesn’t exist. There’s no rules to follow and you can do literally everything that comes in your mind. Would you think it might be a good thing?

Freedom of Speech.

People say often that almost all the rules are not that great, completely useless, approved and signed too soon. Those people would like the idea to delete them. Wonderful idea…to decimate humanity. Am i exaggerating? I don’t think so.

Laws protect our lives. If we can say and do whatever we want is because of certain rules that protect our freedoms. Even if you are a hater or a conspirator, you can do that, because rules are protecting you from other’s reaction. The worst thing can happen to those people is the account’s cancellation or to pay a expencive fine as damages to the targeted person. In a World without Rules something like that would be impossible.

Be sure that, if the world was without rules, those people would be in the pages of the obituary. In the newspaper we would have 5, mabye 10 pages of death people, just because all the violent crimes were something people are usual to. Do you want to insult someone? Be sure to find a good place to hide yourself, because the consequences might be deadly for you. This would would come back to the Far West all over again. Every time two people are arguing for whatever reason, one of those two people (or even both) can be the next in line to find a place at the cemetery.

Violence as an answer.


Theft would be something common. Do you need money? Why find a job, when you can easily rob someone? Find a rich person and steal from it. It doesn’t really matter if he or she has a powerful security system: if you are able to hack it, all the money are yours. And the police can do nothing about it, because there would not be any kind of police to help you find the responsble. Why would a country need police, when there’s no crime to punish? You can work hard as much as you want, someone will sneak into your house and steal all you got.


After the robbery you can find for sure that person and let him or her pay for it, but then his or her family and friend will look for you to let you pay for what you did, and maybe you family and your friends will find the thief’s family and friends to let them pay for what they did. It’s the beginning of a family war, where no one wins, but everyone loses. With anarchy in the society, violence would be the only spoken and understood language in the world. You can be as smart as you want and find a solution as grown people, but if the other will take out a gun with a bullet with your name on it, what would you do? Would you stay there and still act like a gentlemen? I don’t think so.

Sexual Harassement

If you are woman it’s even worse, because sexual harassement would be a normal thing…it is already right now, but without rules to protect them from this horrible crime, we would have maybe no more women around us…they would be somewhere far away from any kind of male presence. Women would be literally like a piece of meat that men can use in case of physically need. The worst part? They could say nothing, because no matter if they want to do something or not, they were forced to do that. They would have no “right” to say no, because men would not give them.

Rules as a shield.

Rules are made to protect us, whether you like it or not. Are those rules not perfect? Are those rules sometimes old? Might those rules be better? Yes, they are not perfect, they are often old and they might be better. Rules are made by human beings and human beings are not perfect. We try all the time to be the best version of ourselves, but often is not enough. More than that, despite all the effort and learning process behing a bills, those might not be effective as they supposed to be, because in the meantime the game’s rules are changed.
However, those rules are the reason why you can talk how you want, walk and go where you want and choose the life you want. Without them, you might not probably be here…i would probably not be here right now.

We should be thankful if we have the law and police who protect us. They can be better, for sure, but the situation won’t change, until we don’t do nothing to change. Too easy to say that “the situation is bad” and wait for someone to make the job for you…and maybe insult that person because he or she didn’t do a good job. If you were so much better in the first place, why didn’t you do the job?

Be careful when you say that “bills are garbage”, because without them, we would be all dead!

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