Formula One 2021: Where were we?

You don’t know that, but i am a Formula One fan. My very first entire Formula One season was the 2000 season. I was 8-years-old and i was so crazy that i woke up in the middle of the night every time Formula One raced in Japan, Australia and Malaysia. I do even it today and i love it. This is the very first post of my column about motorsport, because i will do the same thing with MotoGP. Where were we after the 2021 season?

King Verstappen and Abu Dabhi controversy.

Verstappen won the title in the last race in Abu Dabhi against Lewis Hamiton. Well deserved, even if in a very controversial situation. Don’t get me wrong, Verstappen deserved the title, because he drove as a champion every single race. However, the way the race direction took decision in the last laps was controversial. And the decisions took that day (middle of December) are still a reason to talk at least until March, 16th.

Those decisions have put some shadow on Verstappen’s win, although he deserved to be champions. Why? That’s the story:
Hamilton and Verstappen went into the last race even. So, one had to finish in front of the other to win the championship. Until 4 laps to go Hamilton dominated the race, then the safety car came in, some decisions have been taken, and Hamilton was basically screwed.

Formula One 2021 season Review.

However, this is not the time to talk about polemics. With this post i would love to make a little review of the 2021 season to be ready then for the 2022 season. For this review i will use the constructor championship.


It was the hardest season they have had since their come-back in 2011. In the Turbo Hybrid Era (since 2014) the team have never had a proper challenger for the titles, both drivers and constructors. Ferrari tried in 2017, but it last only in the first half of the season. They tried everything they could to win both championship, but in the end only bad calls from the race direction have forced Mercedes to lose the driver championship. 2021 was a “usual season” for them: they were always on the top and they fight every race for the victory and they won the constructor championship. We’ll see what’s gonna happen in 2022.

Red Bull

They won the driver championship with Max Verstappen, but the team fought with only one driver for the entire season against the two Mercedes drivers. Not because they had no money for the second driver, but because Sergio Perez was new in the team and the 2021 season was a season to learn how the car and the team worked. Perez won a race, he got a some podium and tried he could to help Verstappen to win the championship, but he wasn’t never there to fight properly for the championship.
A tremendous season for them after all: they were fast, in the right place at the right time and lucky. Will see what will happen in 2022.


After a disastrous 2020, with a car that looked more like a tractor than a Formula One car, 2021 was a nice season. Ferrari , with both drivers, were every race away from the fight for the victory, but third place in the constructor championship is not that bad, looking how 2020 ended (5th place). In this season, Ferrari, knew already that they were not competitive enough fot the victory, but they were good enough to fight for third place, using in the meantime the car to develop all the necessary pieces for the 2022 season, starting with the engine. Ferrari has lot of hopes for 2022 season, we’ll see how it will be.


It was a disappoining season. McLaren started with huge hopes, thinking even to fight for podiums places and victories, knowing they had the best engine available (the Mercedes engine). In the end, McLaren was too far away from the top two teams and it was forces to fight against Ferrari fot the third place, losing the fight, by the way. They had only one highlight: the 1-2 finish in Monza. The rest of the season was not exactly how people and McLaren hoped to be. 2022 might be the year for the championship or another disappointing year.


Good season. They won in Hungary with Ocon and got a podium with Alonso, but nothing more than that. Lot of race with both car in the top ten (it means also points), but it was always the lower part of the top ten. It was a typical season of middle-field team.

Alpha Tauri

It’s was a sad season. Lot of bad luck, some bad peformances. The good note of the season is that Gasly and Tsunoda are very good and young driver. The team can start an “era” with those two. The team had some finished on the points, great qualifying, but they were never able to confirm the results in qualifying in the race on Sunday. Gasly has already prooved that he know what to do and what it takes to win and Tsunoda had a good Rookie season. for 2022 thpse two can be pretty hard to fight against…we’ll see.

Aston Martin F1 Team

They changed the name (in 2020 was the Force India), they hired Sebastian Vettel as a new driver, but the season was way much worse than 2020. The sad part here is that this team use a perfect copy of the 2020 Mercedes…the car that humiliated the competition that season. Everyone expected huge results, knowing the car itself and its performance, but Aston Martin was not able to deliver. Both driver often lapped, out of the point with any consistency whatsoever. If 2022 will be as bas as 2021, i don’t know if Lawrence Stroll would keep put money in a losing team, just to give his son a sit on Formula One.

Williams Racing

Bad season. Always in the last positions. Only George Russell gave the team some satisfactions with lot of good qualifying and a miracolous podium in Belgium (althought in a very weird condition). Otherwise, a bad season with lot of retirement and not that great performances.

Alfa Romeo Racing

The same as Williams, but without a podium. In 2022 with a complete new drivers. No good expectations for 2022.

Haas Team

It was literally ALWAYS LAST. Both drivers were alwasy penultimate and last…every single race. Literally. How sad is that! What to expect for 2022? Nothing.

That was 2021. We’ll see you in few days with the first post of the 2022 season.

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