I’m a Content Creator: i want your donation!

It happens often: you are on youtube, twitch or on a blog and you hear or read the following thing: if you want to support me, feel free to do some donation. The communities, like they usually do, donate their money to that content creator, without asking anything, moved by the love they have for this content creator. Apparently there’s nothing more than just a nice request, and a wonderful support. In truth there’s somethig more. I have only just one little question: am i the only one who finds this approach sad?

Donation as a costriction?

I have nothing against donations…as long as they are free, without any kind of constriction. As a user myself, i want to be free to decide whether to donate my money or not. If the content creator is good, i will even support him or her with my money, otherwise not. This is how it should work. Why do i have the feeling that content creator act like tramps? Haven’t you realised how often those people complain about the fact they don’t have enough donations? Donation must be something free, not a fee we have to pay to see the content creator we love. And some of those “famous people” get very “mad” against their communities, when the donations are not enough. In worst case, they threaten their followers with “serious” consequences.

For me, this kind of forcing should be forbidden forever. The reasons are basically two.

What is Donation for Content Creators?

The first reason is the use of donations and the meaning the content creator give to them. For the creators, donations are no more a spontain act of support from their work. It’s just a way for the follower to “climb the ladder” to be seen. For example, donation are a way to talk with your beloved content creator or for being greeted. Often, during live on youtube or twitch, the content creators force the viewers to “donate” money to send a message.

My little friends creators, this is not a donation anymore, this is payment for a service. Why do i have to pay to tell you something? I mean, why do you deactivated the free chat, forcing me to send money if i want to chat with you? This is pretty unfair, considering the fact that those “performers” are earning their money in more lucrative ways.
There’s also a sadder thing than force the community to pay for a quick chat: the creator’s reaction. It’s like watching a circus. The creators gets crazy happy if he receives some hundreds dollars. It’s like he or she had won the lottery and life has suddenly changed forever. Why is it sad? Because we know how much those people already earn without the donation. Those 2 or 3 hundreds dollars are almost nothing. And we also know that lot of creators don’t care about the people. They react in that way to pretend that they are emphatic with the follower. When they are not.

Donations: act of love or investment?

The second reason is the thought around donation. Probably it’s only me, but it seems that for the content creator the donation are not a randon gest of appretiation and support, but a source to make stable money. Especially of Twitch, during the live, you can see this sort of daily “goal”: if we reach a certain amount of money through donation, i will do something. I mean, how pathetic is that? Forcing your community to give you money to do something? If those creators really love to entertain the people, like they always say, they should not base your creativity on money, am i right?
It’s pretty stupid to say “oh, i do it because i have a passion and i would do it all day, only for you!” and then say “if you want to see performing, you have to pay me!”.
Can you just tell us once and for all why you do that? For the passion or for the money?

My way to see donations!

Personally, donations are not something i would count on. When i will have a huge community, i will put that as an option to support me, if you want, but i would never say “oh, i continue to post only if you donate me some of your money!” It’s unfair for you and this is not the way i thing or live blogging. Once a content creator has a huge community, there are so many other way to make lot of money in much fairer way: premium content, subscriptions, advertisings or partnerships. Creators, who ask for some donations, remember me those amazing talented artist on the street who performs with a open case or a hat full of coins…with the only difference that those artist on the street are often way much more talented than some content creators.

It’s fine for me if a follower wants to donate some of thier money for someone, but it must be a completel random thing. A content creator need to base his or her career on something else. If, for the creator, the donation are the biggest income, this creator is an idiot, let me tell you, and he or she needs to re-thing his or her entire business, because there’s something wrong.

And you? Would you force your community to donate mone?

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