Journalism: How does it need to be perfect?

Journalism is for me a big problem. It’s hard for me to find a place in internet with good quality information…. at least in the best way possible. I have one question: is “the best way possible” enough? I don’t think so. For that reason, i think that maybe we sould start to find out how the perfect Journalism might look like!

I’m a guy who loves to be informed and curious to know what’s going on in the world. It doesn’t really matter if there are only good news, only bad news or a mix of both. I want to know, so i can be prepared. I mean, i would love to know if someone found the cure for every illnesses or if there’s a war outside my frontdoor.

The 5 “Wh questions” in journalism

I have a problem with the information today. What bothers me is that i have to follow a lot of journalist and newspaaper to find an answers to the five “W“: what, when, where, why and who. In many cases, those “W” questions are not answered, but it has been given more focus on the journalist’s opinions or the magazine’s point of view of the story.
Think about immigration. This kind of argument in one of the most polarized argument, because there are two different opinions: those who are agree with it and those who are not. And that’s the big mistake: instead of telling me the news, newspaper, TV Channel and magazine use hundreds or even thousands of words to exaplain why for them immigration is something good or not.

I have just one question for you all: do you care of what the magazine, channel or journalist thing about it or do you want to know the facts?
My personal opinion? I just want to know the facts. What’s happening? Why’s happening? When and where is it happening? Who’s involved?
These are the only thing i want to know. That’s it, perfect information. I don’t need to know if the journalist is agree or against a certain topic. Those kind of thing makes me mad. I don’t want to be influenced by another opinion about something. I want to read the news and then make my own idea about it. The only reason why i would read more newspapers is to see if there’s more details about the news i havent’s read the first time i read it.

Journalism and Emotions

Journalist should not let personal emotion, thoughts and feelings get inbetween their private life and their job. In their private life they can think whatever they want (they are free to do that), but as soon as they sit on their computer and they are writing the news for the next day, they should let emotion outside the office, describe the story with neutrality and with as much detail as possible, even if that details are groos, horrible and nasty. What the journalist thinks is irrelevant…completely irrelevant. In that specific moment, that person is just a tool for me to know the world around me. Nothing more, nothing less.

Focus on Details

For me, the definition of a good journalist is the one who will write the most possible detailled version of the story. The best journalist is the one who will write that for first. This is how i call the perfect journalism. If i have the story with all the detail, without useless use of adjectives and opinions, few hours after the events, i will be the happiest man in the world. A journalist should be like a living recorder: he records and pass on the record to the community, which will make his thoughts and will get an opinion on that, without any kind of influence.

Is it too much too ask? I don’t think so. When i was at school, it was told me all the time that an article in a newspaper must be full of facts and without any personal thought in it. To clarify, Were all my professors a bunch of idiots or not? I don’t think so. Maybe is that the fact that now journalist feel like superstars and they want the fame at any cost! Am i right?

What about you? Do you love the “the journalist superstars” or you would rather want to read some good articles?

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