Life #5: Pregnancy, The “Dark Side”!

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing… if you look really forward to be a mom. You will change and in nine months you will be able to have your baby in your arms. Althought the pregnancy is theoretically a wonderful moment, those nine months are the hardest and most stressful for a woman. My dear men, do you have any idea how many sacrifice women need to do? And no, making love is not one of them!

Men should have a little bit more of empathy when a woman is pregnant. We (i am a man as well) sometimes take things for granted when they are not at all. Once a woman is pregnant, doesn’t mean that she will have nine months where nothing will happen. What we see in TV-Show is not real, where pregnancy looks so easy. In truth they need to do a little bit more than enjoy the moment and dream.

Belly and Breast in pregnancy

Already the belly itself is a problem. Men see only the cute part of the story: the belly with a the baby (or the babies) inside it. The problem is that we often forget the fact the that belly is heavy. Damn, if that thing is heavy! Between the baby, the placenta and what there was already there, we are talking about 15 or even more kilos. The belly is not the only thing that’s get bigger: the breast is the first part a woman sees gets bigger…and the men will be happy about it. But it hurts, because it changes and it prepare itself for the feeding time.

Pregnant woman and body: Enemy

Apart from belly and breast, during the pregnancy the woman’s body can be a source of pain everywhere you can look at. Men have no idea how painful can be a pregnant woman after a long day at work. Even feet can hurt: legs, ankles and feet are not prepared to carry that much more weight. Men, if your woman asks you a feet massage, just do it, because she’s carrying your son/daughter and you don’t. Be more comprehensive and do what she asks for, because you are doing nothing, she’s the only one dealing with what the pregnancy brings with it…and weight gain is not the only thing. The world should allow pregnant women to work from home, but it’s a stupid men’s world…so it will never happen.

More than all of that, they have to change the way they walk, sleep and sit, because the back hurts and, since it a very important and delicate part of the human body, it must be protected from damages that can limit the woman after the birth. If we talk about the body alone, pregnancy is a freaking nightmare

Food Sacrifices in the pregancy

Food is not a phisical painful thing, but it can be pretty annoying. In the pregnancy there might be the risk (almost a certainty) that women have to change the way they eat and they have to give up on lot of food…and too often women has to give up on the food they love the most. It never happens that women gives up on food they don’t eat so often or they hate the most. It’s all about food they like a lot, live meat, ice cream, fetty and delicious food. Pregnancy might be cruel. Men, do you have any idea how sadistic is to eat in front of your woman something they love the most and she can’t eat that? I know that you are not on diet, but can you be a little bit sweeter? It’s not cool, guys!

Mental Health.

In the pregnancy women can get crazy, not because they want to, but because with all they have in their body, their minds change. You may like it or not, but it’s something you have to deal with. Men, do you want to be happy with your woman? Be patient and never start a stupid fight. She will maybe do weird things or forget things. Don’t be mad to her, because in her position, you would do the same.

More than that, they will have fears. Fears not be a good mother, not to be a good wife and they have maybe fear for their bodies.

For the body, women could do some fitness for pregnant women. Maybe some light joga, designed for pregnant woman, can be very helpful to let your body moving. If they are able to walk, those exercise might help for the pain. More than that, it might help the woman to come back closer to her body before pregnancy and have a better muscle tone. Few minutes ever day can have a huge impact to her body and especially her mind, the most important thing in a pregnancy!

For the other two fears, it’s way much more complicated. A man can try everything he can to convinced his partner that she will be the best possible mother, but those words sounds already used. The only way a woman can be convinced to be a good mother is when the baby is born. Only then a woman can be convinced to be a good human being for the baby. Before that moment, saying “you will be a wonderful woman” are just words with no truth: how can the men possibly know that?
If the woman starts to fell sad or worried, like often happens, the men can do only one thing: be the closest as possible to the woman, help her to process things and don’t speak too much, because every words in this moment can be fatal to destroy her or to bring her out of that shadow.


Pregnancy is never easy. Althougt there are women who can apparently do everything, there are also women who stay in bed all nine months. In both cases, sacrifices, pain and low moments are there. In my opinion. The key is the ironically the men: the more the men understands those moment and help her woman as much as he can, the more the woman might have a better chances to have good memories.

Thank you women for this!

See ya


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