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The 2021 season was the season number 25 i watched entirely, without losing a Gran Prix. No matter if the race took place in the night, in the afternoon or early in the morning, i was there to watch those super talented athlets. Anyway, this post is just a little and maybe enjoyable review of what was the 2021 MotoGp season.

The review can’t be the same of the one for Formula One, because there three different championships. My entire review will be divided in three different review, one for each class. I start with the Moto3, then Moto2 and then of course the Gran Finale with the MotoGP.

Moto 3 Season

First Half of the Season

Moto3 2021 season was a pretty surprised one. In the beginning people thought that someone with experience might be able to win the title. Someone like Fenati, Masia, Antonelli, Migno, McPhee or Darryn Binder were the best choices by lot of people. We were all wrong. Pedro Acosta in the end was the one with both end on the title…a Rookie. Acosta drove a magic season.

He was incredibly fast in the first half of the season. In the very first three, four races, he was just unstoppable. Then, the other riders have probably understood how to deal with him and he was not so dominant anymore. But he was consistanly on the top. When the other dealt with retirement or crashes, Acosta finished races and scored points. The spanish rider got into the summer brakes with a comfortable lead in the driver championship.

Second Half of the Season

In the second half of the season, however, Dennis Foggia started to drive like a God. He was unstoppable: race, after race, he scored podiums and victories so smoothly. More importantly, he finished always ahead of Acosta. That helped him to be close enough to fight for the championship with two race to go.

And we are in Portugal, penultimate round of the season. Acosta and Foggia were divided by few point. That race might be crucial for both drivers. If Foggia had finished the race in front of Acosta, the last race would have been a thrilling finale. The race was thrilling, full of suspance. All the riders, involded in the fight for the victory, have suddenly turned off the brain. Anyway, it was a hard, but fair race…then Darryn Binder came. Few laps to go, he tried to pass the rider in front of him. He missed the braking point in turn 3 and crashed into Foggia, forcing him to retire. At the end, Acosta won the race and the title. It was a sad end for a very thrilling season with two faces: spain in the first half, Italy in the second half.

Very disappointing season for those who were the favorite for the championship win. Fenati, Antonelli a Masia never been there for the entire season, McPhee was the worst version of himself and all the japanese riders were too far away from the fight for the victory.
I can’t wait 2022.

Moto 2 Season

The Moto2 2021 season may be summarized like this: Aki Ajo Red Bull Team. I mean, in Moto2 there was only one team and two riders who have manipulated the entire fight for the championship: the both Aki Ajo riders, Raul Fernandez and Remy Gardner.

Although in the very beginning of the season, and throughout the entire Winter tests, Sam Lowes seemed the men to beat. It was a wrong perception. Yes, Lowes and his teammate, Augusto Fernandes, were fast, but definetely slower than the two Red Bull riders. I mean, the dominance those two guys have showed for the enitre season was insane. Any other rider in the Moto2 was not able to fight aganits those two. A Certain dominance for a team in this championship is pretty unusual…we need go back in the 2009 season with Rossi and Lorenzo in Yamaha in MotoGP. Gardner and Fernandez will fight next year in MotoGP, allowing the entire competition to fight for the first and second position again. It will be an interesting 2022 Moto2 season.

MotoGP season.

The MotoGP 2021 season had three big names to celebrate: Fabio Quartararo, Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi.

The “King” Fabio Quartararo

Fabio Quartararo is the 2021 world Champion. It was a well deserved win, because for all the year he prooved he was the fastest and most consistance rider in MotoGp in 2021. No other rider was as good as he was since day one. Yes, Bagnaia tried to fight him and he was fast, but it was too late. When Bagnaia, with his Ducati, started the fight against Quartaro it was already too late: the gap was alreay maybe too big and Fabio needed just to mamage the gap in the championship to bring the championshio in France for the very first time in the history of MotoGP. Quartararo and Yamaha was an almost perfect duo: fast and consistance all season long. Next year he will be the man to beat…will be able to handle the pressure to deliver?

Marc Marquez: The comeback

Marc Marquez, the seven time world champion, came back in 2021 after the fracture of the foreharm suffered in the first race in 2020. After almost a year, three surgeries and lot of huge question marks, he came back. It was nice to see him back on track on his Honda RC213V. The race was a masterpiece, finishing fifht, only 10 second behind the winner. That was a huge results for two reason: it was a monster perfomance and, more important, he was still able to ride and fight.

However he had still huge problems with the right corners, so in all the clockwise track, he suffered a lot, but in the anti-clockwise tracks he was able to deliver…and he did: In this 2021 season he was able to win in two different occasions, in two different anti-clockwise tracks: Germany and United States. He had to miss the last race of the season, due to an injury on his eyes, but it doesn’t change the fact that with some rest and training in the winter brake, Marc Marquez can come back as strong as it was in 2019…and it will be a huge problem for the others!

The Legend Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi retired from MotoGP. He was the reason why i felt in love with MotoGP…yes, he was already there in 1996, when he made his debut. At the age of 42, the 2021 season was an horrible season: always on the back, struggling too much. It was the right time to leave the circus and start a new life. It was sad on one side, because i grow up also with him, but at the same time i felt in my heart that he was doing the right thing. Nothing lasts forever and one day we have to say goodbye even to those who looks immortal on our eyes.

He left behind three things: his numbers, all the pages of histroy he wrote and a eternal legacy. He is the reason why MotoGP is so loved. Before him, MotoGP it was one of the other motorcicle competition. With him, MotoGP make the spet to become and world-wide competitions. I’m not exaggerating: there was his number (the 46) and his colour (the yellow) in ever single race ALL OVER THE WORLD, for a quarter of century. Someone like him comes to Earth only once in a Century and i had the honor to see all his career, from his debut in 1996, until the last race in 2021. 25 Years or joy, passion, laugh and tears…and i loved it! MotoGp will not be the same next year. I will need some races to get used to the fact that the yellow 46 will never be on track again.

More About the 2021 season

The 2021 season gave us however, some other intersting things: Ducati on fire with all the riders, than need to be fast since race one, an Honda that has to find a solution to all its problem with an almost undrivable bike, a Yahama that needs to make sure that all the rides can be fast (Quartararo is not enough), Suzuki that needs to find some more power and Aprilia that desperetly needs the last step to be there in the fight for the victory.

This was the 2021 MotoGp review. I can’t wait for the 2022 season!

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