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Bloggin is a wonderful thing: i can earn from my blog and you can read it for free, without emptying your wallet. And it should be like this. However, it happens that sometimes we are on our favorite blogger or youtuber channel and some of the content are blocked, because you have to pay for them. The question is: are “pay per view” content something good or bad?

My honest answers is yes…and no. We should probably see the entire situation from two different point of view: the reader and the contern creator. Let’s see from the conten creator’s side of the story.

Content Creator

The content creator are those who create your entertainment in internet. If you love something or someone is because someone offered something you loved. This entertainment for you is for free, but often it’s not for free for the creator. If you are a blogger, the main thing you use is your time: time to invent, write, correct and publish. More than that, there’s time for sharing, replying comments and be active in the blogging community. However, sometimes the blogger needs to invest money: money for some softwares, for the picture you see and if he needs some course to improve is writing skills. You demand the best entertainment and it requires an investment.

Of couse blogges can earn money with the advertising, to cover the costs the have. You are right. There’s only one little problem: Advertising on internet pages are not costant. The amount of money one can earn is too fickle: it can be 1000 dollars one months and only 10 the following one, with the same amount of user. No, Advertising are not that great. To make sure to be always on top and with enough money, content creators have to find a way to have a constant income to plan the activity and offer somethig every time better.

Subscriptions to unlock premium content.

The other two ways to make money (Merchandising and partnership) are complicated: the first is too long and the second involved companies. The eaisest way to make an stable income is to offer a premium content, that users can use only if they pay for them first. The blogger often allows the users to pay for every single content, but there are two problem: too expencive and not regular. Little example: a user pays only one of the premium contents once a months. For the creator, the income is too small and the frequency very poor. He or she can plan anything. in addition to this, it can become pretty expencive for the user itself. Have you any idea how expencive can become to unlock all the premium contents?

The most common way, blogger use to unlock premium content, is with a subscription: the user pays a monthly subscription and all the “locked” content are now unlocked. As a blogger, and a content creator mylsef, i find this way pretty useful. In this way, i can count on a regular income and i can plan my activity way much better. Maybe i can invest in a better blog layout, maybe i can hire people to take care of my content or maybe i can offer something better, new and fresh. For the creator is the only way to have a little certainty in the blogging activity. The rest is just too risky and can block the entire experience as a blogger.

The User

For the user premium content are bad. It’s discriminating. “The only way i have to see something good is to pay?” people might think. It’s not good for the user. Even worse is when the full version is for a fee and the “highlights” are free As a user, i don’t want to pay for that content, because internet must be a free space. There’s only one way i could pay money to someone or to a content: those content are worthy my money and if the content has got a reason to be “premium”.

There are content and contents. There are contents that are garbage, but they are premuim only to make easy money (like gameplays). However, there are very good content that are very expencive, because there are cost behind the production, like flights, overnight stay in hotel, equipment, digital effect and much more. In this world, if you want something more, you have to pay. Given that users want always something more, this “more” doesn’t come alive for itself. People must work on that, equipment must be used. Who pays for that? First the blogger, but then you, because you want it. As long as the content is good, i’m happy to pay money!


If you want something more, premium contents is something you need to keep in mind. On this world is very hard to find something amazing for free for both sides. Be ready to open your wallet and invest money on your favorite content creator. However, be careful! Not all the content creators deserve the money you are giving. Make sure you are paying someone worthy your money!

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