Couple: Alike or different?

It doesn’t really matter what kind of relatioship you are living with your partner, all the couple can be divided in two big groups: those couple, where both are alike and those, where both parter are very different. What’s the best couple?

I’m sure that now lot of people now are saying “we are the best couple because we are alike” and the other “we are the best couple because we are different”. The truht? They have both right and both wrong. Let’s start with the “alike” couple.

Lovers With Similarities

Alike couple are those kind of couple where the two people involved think in the same way or the have the same hobbies. Is this kind of couple healthy? Yes, we can say that. Although, there might be some little problems.


An alike couple is a couple where the two think in the same way. The happy side of the story is that the two are on the same wavelength. It doesn’t matter what kind of topic they are talking about or what problem they are dealing with, they will have the same thought and the same solution. They are not two robots, but it just happens that the two have lived similar lives and they have done similar experience, which brought them to think in that way. Technically they will be agreed to every single thing. Fight for them would be just a word on the vocabulary, because for them there’s no reason to fight. More than that, having the same passion and hobbies will bring them very close together, just because they are gonna spend a lot of time together…And here i have my big problem.


Spending a lot of time together can cause stress. The more time you spend with someone continuously, the higher are the chances to start a fight. Not because you all of a sudden hate your partner, but because human beings needs some personal space, moments in time where they are alone. It’s not healthy spending ALL THE TIME with only one person, just because you have the same hobbies. This kind of situation is like being in a cage that gets smaller and smaller day by day, At one point, that cage will be small that you can’t handle the pressure anymore. And you will explode. No one wants to see and live that, because it those moment people can say bad things, even if you don’t think that things.

Be careful of spending some quality time alone, or with other people! Because if the two don’t do that, the couple will blow away.

Lovers With Differences

“Complete different” couple are those kind of couple where the two people involved think in a complete different way or the have complete different hobbies. Is this kind of couple healthy? People would say “Absolutely not”. They might be surprised.


This kind of couple are maybe the most common one. Technically is more probable to find a person complete different than you than one like you. We are all different. I, for example, think different and i have different hobbies than you all. It’s life and we have to accept that. This kind of couple technically seems the one with the lowest chances to survive and be successful in life. You might be very wrong. Those couple are probably the one that will work, just because the two are different. Which brings two big pros.

The first pros is the fact that they will have some moments for themselves. It’s obvious. If i like painting and she love fitness, i will have my own time alone painting somewhere and she will be often in the gym. Two different hobbies that helps the both to distract a little bit. This differenc of hobbies is not actually a problem: maybe one learns how to paint, the other will learn how to get in shape. There’s nothing wron with that. However, they still will have time fot themselves. And that’s amazing.

The second pros is the fact that they will always have something to talk about. With two completely different hobbies and interests, those two can share them, helping the other to be better, because he or she will know something new and the interest will be always high, because what the other says is complety new for you. It’s a huge win-win situatio for everybody.

However, this kind of couple must be very careful, because everything can be destroyed in very few days.


Discussion and fight. The will discuss and fight over and over again. There will be the first fight, and after that there will be no end. The two lover think differently about almost everything: she want the meat raw, he wants it well-cooked; she wants to see a love-movie, he wants to see some sport; she wants to go to the beach, he wants to stay in the holel and rest. Those and other moments can be a reason to discuss and even fight.

A “completely different” couple can surivive only if the two are agree on something important, like having a baby, where to live, being trustworthy and be always there for the other. If the couple is unted on this, and other important topic, it will be all fine. Otherwise the couple will blow away. Be careful when you discuss on what you are discussin about.


Which couple is the best? Do you really want to know the truth? I don’t know. There are alike and “completely different” couple being successul and fall apart out there. I don’t think there’s a best kind of reletionship. Maybe yes, maybe there’s the perfect…the one will last forever.

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