Limits: Just an Illusion?

In our lives there things we can, and things we can’t. Between the things we can’t do, there are those we work on and other that are just impossible to do for us. Are they really so? Are we really not able to improve ourselves just enough to do get over our limits?

Of course not. There’s something i always in mind when we talk about limits. In 2009 Michael Jordan was inducted into the NBA All of Fame. At the end of his speech he said: “limits, like fear are often just an illusion”. It’s true. We can also say something like that. However, we need to work a little bit.

Know Who You Are

To ger over your limits, you need to know them. Otherwise, how do you want to improve yourself? How do you want to know your limit? The only way you have to see them is to test yourself. Do the things you can’t do and see how far you can go. Don’t do more. You don’t need to. Once you reach the limit, you need to stop and understand where you are and where you want to go. In this specific moment you have all the necessary thing to start to work on yourself: the gap betweem you and your goal.

In my case, for example, i have a limit. I am italian and i always talked in italian. I have never talked or written in english outside the school. When i opened my blog i wanted to talk with as much people as possible. So, english was the only possible choice for me. But my english was not that good. My goal was to reach a level of perfection where someone from outside can’t understand that i am a not-english-person. I knew where i started and how far i could go. In this moment i knew how big the gap was between me and my goal.

Work On Your Limit.

The next step is to start to work on your limit. This is the most important phase. People in this specific moment have all a problem: they are too in a hurry. They want to see results after only few days and they work like crazy. All this effort in a so short amount of time doesn’t bring anything. Your body and your brain need time to get used to the improvement you are having. They are not so fast! They are wonderful machines, but they need time to process thing. The process of improvement required time, a slow and costant work and lot of patience. You will not the results in few days. Maybe you need weeks or months to see some results. The key is consistancy. Work all day, every day and don’t get discourage from the fact that you don’t see results.

I am writing in english every day for a couple of months now. After a couple of week it didn’t seem i was on the right path. I was thinking that i was not making any kind of step forwards. But i still kept working, writing my own stuff and reading other english bloggers. I needed to learn from the best. Then i took a look of my old posts, the first onces. I was pleasantly surprised of how i improved. I mean, i don’t write as good as an english, but compared to my old post, it was a good surprised. And i didn’t realise that until i took a look the way i started.

It’s time to Deliver!

Once you know where you are, where you want to go and you did all you needed to get there, it’s time to prove your hard work so far. Tests are often a scary moments. Not because you risk your health or your life, but because there are too many open question: is it enough what i did? Should i do more? Will i be exactly where i wanted to be? The only way to find an answer is to try. Thinking too much about it doesn’t help you at all. Yuo will destroy your brain, but any answer. Get into it and give you a shot. If you will successed it, good for you. If you fail, don’t get sad or depressed.

Not all the thing comes good in the first attempt. Never happened. Try it, make your mistake and learn from them. And do it again. Until you get through that mental wall you have. No matter how many time you have to try or how many changes you had to make to your plan, one day you will overtake you limit.

It’s a long process, i know that! But once you make it, it will be the best feeling ever. You will say that you will be better than before. You will be proud of yourself. One day i will have feeling too and it will be awesome!

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  1. Working on our limit can be a long and sometimes difficult process, but can also be rewarding as well. Thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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