MotoGP 2022: What to Expect?

On March, 6th the new MotoGP 2022 season will start in Qatar. What do we need to expect from every single constructor and team in 2022, after what we see in 2021? Stay there, because things are about to get interesting.

This post will be divided by manufacturer and for every manufacture i will say what i expect from every team. Read more and you will understand!


Let’s start from the defending constructor champions. Last year Ducati won the championship due to quantity: four teams, six great bikes and six great riders who scored point almost every single race. In the MotoGP 2022 season will be even more: always four team, but eight bikes and eight riders. I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, but the constructor championship is already over. Ducati will have available a huge amount of data and feedback from 8 different riders with different ridestyle. There’s the high change that Ducati will be unstoppable in the MotoGP 2022 season.

Now let’s take a look to the teams.

Ducati Team

With Bagnaia e Miller, Ducati have maybe the strongest couple in the enitre MotoGP. If both riders can keep the pace they kept in the second half of the 2021 season, for the other will be hard to fight for the victory. Is this finally the year where Ducati will win the championship after 15 years?

Pramac Team

Team Pramac, with Zarco and Martin, prooved that they are fast. Especially Martin, in his rookie season, was able to deliver stunnings performances, finishing on the podiums multiple times. Zarco crashed a little bit more, but he was fast, when he finished the race. For the MotoGP 2022 season those two might be race-winning material. I am not sure for the champinship, but to win races they will be there.

Gresini Racing

A Rookie (Di Giannantonio), a fast rider from Moto2, and a young rider like Bastianini, who prooved last season in MotoGP to be fast, even with a old version Ducati. This team will have a bike and a rider more, compared to the previous year, where there was only Bastianini. Next year those two rider will have under them a Ducati GP21, a bike that allowed Bagnaia to win races and set several Pole Positions. If they don’t crash and use the brain, those two can do something big in the season. I just can wait those two to fight in Qatar!

VR46 Racing

This time the Valentino Rossi’s team will have a bike more compared to 2021. Marini will share the box with Marco Bezzecchi from Moto2. Those two young riders will have a brand new Ducati GP22 under them. This might be the outsider teams, where both rider have actually nothing to lose in the beginning of the season. It will be interesting to see how fast those two can be during the winter tests and in the first week-end of the season.


Yamaha need to find a solution to make sure that all the four riders they will be in the fight for the victory all the races in the MotoGP 2022 season. Otherwise, the constructor championship will be a dream for the japanese manufacture. They can’t afford to have only Quartararo against the world. I’m pretty sure that in Japan engineers are working hard to give to all the rider the bikes they need to win. However, with the eight Ducati bikes, it will be very hard to fight for the constructor championship.

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP

With this team, Quartararo won the riders championship. However, it was the only fast Yamaha on the field. His teammate was never able to fight for a single victory for the entire season. It’s not good for a team like this. The main team need to make sure to be competitive with both riders. We’ll see in the first week-end if Quartararo and Morbidelli can be fast as they know to.

RNF Racing

I don’t know what to say. It’s not a “brand new” team, but there will be another main sponsor. Last year’s sponsor, Petronas, left MotoGP for now. In this team there will be one new rider, but the same bikes. I don’t know what to expect from this team. 2021 was horrible: Dovizioso and Rossi were lasts all races. So sad, if i think about the huge talent they have. Doviziono will be 36 this year and we know how being old can affect the perfomances. More than that, we have Darryn Binder, who take Rossi’s place in the team, the second rider who jump from Moto3 direct to MotoGp, after Jack Miller. Binder can be absolutely awesome, absolutely awful and everything inbetween. We only need to wait and see what will do in the winter tests.


For Honda the 2020 and 2021 were two horrible years. A couple of victories and podiums here and there, but too far away from the consistency they need to be considered a top manufacture, like Honda should be. None of the four Honda riders were able to be at the top fo long than a single race. It was a bad moment, that put on the light, something we already knew: Honda is a custome made bike only for Marc Marquez. All the other riders are either invisible or useless. The philosophy “the fastest rider decides the development” is wrong. The MotoGP 2022 season must be the rebirth of a manufactured that defined eras in MotoGP.

Repsol Honda Team

Between Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaro this team possesses a huge amount of talent. Both riders are world champions and they know how to be fast. Marquez, if he will be fit, will be fast on that bike. The huge question mark is Espargaro: will honda deliver a bike, that will suit the Espargaro’s riding style? If they do, Honda will have two potencial contender for the championships (both team and rider championships), otherwise it will be another season where Marquez will be the only one fast and the teammate will look like an amateur. We’ll see.

LCR Team

In this team is not about the rider, because they are fast, but it’s all about the bike. It depends entirely from the japanes manufacture. If Alex Marquez and Takaaki Nakagami will have a drivable bike, those two can be a huge surprise fro everyone; it they don’t, it will be another hard season for this team.


KTM had a positive 2019 season. The 2020 and 2021 were not that great. For some reason in the last two years the austrian team were not able to make the necessary steps to close the small gap between them and the top team. It seems they have somehow lost a little bit the path to follow. KTM won in 2021 a race in Astria with Brad Binder, but it was a huge gamble: riding on slick on a wet track. In 2021 KTM were not there to fight for important points. We’ll see this year.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

Same team, same riders from 2021. It’s a sign of continuity from the main team. There’s no doubt on the riders, the problem is the bike: if the bike is as good as it was in 2019, both riders will be constantly on the top. Trust me. It’s the same like Honda: if the manufacture will build a nice bike, it will be fun to see Brad Binder and Miguel Oliveira riding.

Tech 3 KTM Factory Racing

This team will have two completely new riders couple. More than that, they will be two of the four rookies in 2022: Raul Fernandez and Remy Gardner. The Moto2 vice-champion and the Moto2 world champion will be once again teammate, after their 2021 season as teammate for Aki Ajo. They are rookies, so there’s no expectation. This year is for them to learn and improve. Everything else would be useless pressure on their shoulders. We need to let them race, make their mistakes and learn from them. In 2023 this two will be something to keep an eye on.


With only one team on the start of 2022 season, they need to come back where they were in 2020, where they we able to win the championship with Joan Mir. In 2021 they have lost the path, like KTM and the bike was not competitive at all. They have scored some good results, but we are talking of a winning championship team. Scoring once in a while good results is not enough. They have a wonderful bike in the turning phase, but the engine need some tuning. If in Japan, the engineers can find the power they need, Suzuki can all of a sudden become something interesting.


Aprilia is improving since a couple of season. Especially in the 2020 season, the italian manufacture prooved that they can go fast. Aleix Espargaro was hell fast in qualifying, but in the race, the pace was not there for the victory, but for some good top ten position for sure. With Maverick Vinales and Espargaro, Aprilia can really thinkg big. The only thing they need is the same Suzuki needs: more power in the engine, a better traction and maybe a little bit more handling in the turnign phase. If Aprilia can find that, big points are not a dream anymore.

If all the manufactured do their homework at home during the winter break, we are going to witness an hell of a season, where all the teams are close like never before! I can’t wait for March 6th!

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