Celebrity: joy and pain in a Golden world!

I alwys said: being a celebrity is the easiest way to get to the very top and make a lot of money. With the fame comes a lot of good, but also lot of bads. However, i am wondering: are those bad so bad and good so good? Because in my experience, often the “devil” is not exaclty how it looks.

The rhetoric around celebrity is always the same: it’s amazing, but i don’t want that! For some funny reason, people say “i woul rather be unknown and rich than known and rich!”. All those people are lying. We all want to be recognize. As a matter of fact, Inside us there’s a little bastard called “ego” and this little boy or girl sleeps all day. One day, for whatever reason, you do something so good that people start to stop on the street asking you for a picture or a sign. In this specific moment, your ego will wake up and it will never fall asleep again.

It feels good to be famous, have so much appreciation and earn wagons of money, just because you are THE ONE. Moreover, If something like that happens to one of us, those person will never say “oh no! I am loved and appreciated!”. No one does and ever will do.

I am her to see if the fame is as bad as people say or it’s just a way for celebrities to keep all the spotlight away from us.

Good Side of Celebrity


In the first place, being a famous will open every freaking door. The more famous you are, the more doors will open in front of your eyes. And you don’t even have to do something. As soon as you are famous, those doors will open for itself, even if you didn’t want that. There will be even doors that you didn’t even know of their existance. You don’t need to go to the opportunity, but the opportunity will come to you. What you need to do is just sit down, relax, a good coffee and decide which doors you want to cross for first and which ones for last. Not to mention that the more famous you are, the more and bigger the doors. You will be in some point in your life that the doors will be so big that you won’t even see the end.

Those doors will allow you to do whatever you want. And the funny part is that you don’t need a resumee to do that, just a number: your followers. Do you wan to visit Nasa? Do you want to witness a sport events in the first row? Just make one call and your dream will come true. Trust me, being famous is a great thing.


And with all the doors will come money. A lot of money all for you. Every single of those doors have a check behind them. Some doors will have a smaller check, others a huge one. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to earn. “But with money come huge works!” you may say. Are you serious? Don’t tell me that a cameo in a movie, or writing a book is a “huge works”. You will earn what a clerk will earn in 15 years in just few months. Don’t even try to tell me that sit on your chair to write a book is an “hard work”. Would you come back to your previous life? I don’t think so.

The Bad Side of Celebrity.

People right now would say: “too much pressure, you are trapped, you have to be careful what you do or say and you will never be free to live”. Those are only excuses.

Pressure as a part of the game to be a celebrity

Too much pressure, being trapped and careful what to do or say is the exact definition of a normal job. Don’t you believen me? How many times you had to stay longer at work, you wanted to quit, but you couldn’t, and you had to be careful to talk? Too much. I see people asking this question in front of my eyes and they were not famous at all. But they had this kind of problems.

No matter what job, pressure, limitation and attention are always required. The more you climb the ladder, the more pressure, limitations and attention you have. The question is: what is worse? Feel all those things as a poor person in a workplace or as a rich person in your penthouse? It’s, of course, a rhetoric question.

Actually, i have no idea what are you complaining about? If i have to feel myself sometimes trapped or pressed i want to have those feelings with a ten million dollars back account. Yes, i would probabkly end up to a psychoanalyst, but at least i would have money to pay.

paparazzi and gossip in a celebrity’s daily life

What’s the problem about that? Yes, people talk about you. What’s the news about that? People talk anyway. You can be a celebrity or not, people will love to put some shade on someone esle. I mean, do you really think that people don’t make some gossip on you? Really? By the way, since when is it a problem? The point is now to understand how you want to live this situation? As a poor or a rich guy? I would do that as a rich guy. As long as i have lot of money, i would let people talk. As a matter of fact, i would encourage this gossip. Since they want to talk about me, let them talk as much as they can. So, i can become rich, because the more the talk, the more i get famous and the more money i make.

Do Paparazzi take some picture of me, while you walking on the steet? Well, just make sure the magazine write a story that helps you to become even more famous, to see your doors getting bigger and the opportunity gets better every time. Listen, i don’t want to sound unkind or rude, but those are not problems. A problem for me are to have fear to lose my job, because i have no certainty.


Generally speaking, i don’t even see the problem of being a celebrity. Even the “dark side” are not so dark after all. Obviously i woul be careful what i do, but in the end it’s way much better being famous than not. Al least you can deal with your proble with much more money!

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