Selena Gomez: An Inspiration

Yes, i am too stupid. I told already not to talk about celebrities if you are not big enough. I did it, and here i am, talking about a celebrity. But not a small one! That would be too easy! Today’s post is dedicated to a huge superstars. A worldwide superstar. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome: Selena Gomez.

Why am i doing this? Why am i writing about a celebrity, knowing that could be a huge problem? Because she deserves that, althought she doesn’t even know that i exist, in this exact moment i am writing. I just hope she can read that! I just wanted to talk about her. Let’s see what’s gonna happen.

Who is Selena Gomez?

I don’t know exactly what she is right now. I mean, she’s a lot of things. Two, maybe three years ago i knew for sure she was a singer. If i needed to answer the question “who’s Selena Gomez?” right now, my answer would be: she’s a woman. I know, it may sound like i am tryin to say “oh, she not a singer, she’s much more than that!”. To be honest, that would be the only right answer. And biologically, it’s the right answer as well: if she didn’t decide to change gender in the last days, Selena Gomez is a woman.

And she prooved it to be a WOMAN. Miss Gomez has bigger balls than lot of men out there. Sorry for the very poor choose of words, but it is. You need to be super self confident to say “NO” to a toxic relationship, “No” to lot of money and get under surgery because you needed a new kidney. It’s even braver to say publicly that she suffered from bipolar and eating disorder. In her position i would never do that. I would never say no to money, because music is not my thing anymore, and i would have NEVER EVER talked about my personal problem publicly. That woman got big guts to do that.

Since this post is a celebration of a wonderful woman, let’s get a little bit deeper than that.

Selena Gomez’s Music Carrer.

I’m not a fan. If i would talk with her right now, i would look like on her eyes like a random person, who randomly takes a look at her art. I have never bought one of her album, never went to one of her concerts and i have never bought some of her merchandising.

“Why do you want to talk about her music, then?” you may thing. I have never said i would talk about her music like an expert. Selena Gomez’s songs are for me the equivalent of whisky for Nathan Ford (if you have no idea who’s Nathan Ford is, shame on you!). It’s an addiction. Her Youtube Channel is a magnet for me. Once i watch one video i have to watch them all. I don’t know maybe her warm voice, maybe her temperament, maybe her talent, or a mix of all of them. But once i started i had to finish.

She delivered great songs, let me tell you. Nothing historical relevant like “Imagine”, “Bohemian Rapsody” or “Thunderstruck”, but they were good. We have something deep like “Heart wants what it wants” or “lose you to love me”, something catchy like “Who says” or “Kill the with kindness” and also spanish songs like “999” or “De una Vez” or “Baila Conmigo”.

Actually we can easily divide her career so far in three perfect segments: her “Disney perios”, where she was in a band called “The Scene”, her solo career as “Selena Gonez” and the “latino phase” where she sings in spanish. Which of those three do i prefer? None. If the song is great, i don’t care how old it was.

That’s all i know of her music.

Selena Gomez’s Movie Carrer.

She’s also a actress. She started too young in the Disney TV SHow “Barney and friends“. Then she “got promoted” in “Wizards of Waverly Place” where she was the star. Then just few roles here and there. recently she gives the voice to Mavis in “Hotel Transilvania“. On IMDb you caf find out what she did as an actress.

That’s it. I know her movie career less than her music career. That’s awesome!


Let’s start saying that she works together with HBO in a very funny TV-Show called “Selena Chef” Where she cookes, sometimes with guests. Let me tell you something: this show is funny and adorable. It’s a bless to see a superstar like her being comfortable not being perfect. I love it. She’s so genuine and funny! I really advice you to watch it. It really worth it!

She also founded a beauty line called “Rare Beauty“. As a man, i don’t care about those stuff at all, but for the women can be interesting to know that Rare Beauty is a cosmetic line. More i can’t tell you. If you want to know more, i left you the link above, so, be free to check out.

More than that, she own an Instagram account of almost 300 millions fans. “Why am i talking that?” Because she gets money everytime she post a partnership with a brand. I read some numbers on internet, that i don’t report, because i don’t know if they are true. But if they are, Her Instagram account is not a business, it’s El Dorado.

Why is Selena Gomez so inspiring?

“We read you post, there’s nothing inspiring right now. So, where’s the inspiration in this post?” you may say.

Inspiration through Actions

The funny part is that Selena Gomez is not defined by her career. That’s amazing, right?! She one of the few people in the entertainment that is not clear what she is. She can be an actress, a singer, a business woman, an infleuncer or just a woman with very big proble with a big pans in front of a camera. This is exacly what i want to be if i will have success. I want to be someone who’s definded by the words and not by the products. Yes, people can say that i am a blogger, because it’s true, but if i will have the opportunity, i would want to be more and proove people that i am more.

I want to be like her. I want to be in the position to try all i want and be giuded by the will to feel good with myself. This is why Selena Gomez now doesn’t do music so often and when she does, she sings in spanish: she’s following her heart and her instinct. She doesn’t care too much of numbers or money anymore, i think she has plenty, but now her focus is enjoying what the celebrity has given her.

One think i don’t want is her miserable health. That’s something i don’t want to have. Even if she didn’t want to, she inspired me with her testimony of her life behind the scene. Now i know how it feels to be on the very top of the mountain and what i need to avoid all the bad stuff.

I like Selena Gomez. If you start to watch and listen to her, you ill fall in love as well!

See ya


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