How To Get The Perfect Blog’s Layout!

My personal experience with my blog‘s layout is the following one: i choose one, i love it for a couple of days, then i start to hate it and i choose another one. Over and over again. It’s quite annoying. I have never been 100% happy with how my blog looked. I am sure that i am not the only one with the same problems. This is my personal experience. Fell free to use as you prefer. Have fun!

What do i need from a blog’s layout?

That’s the very first question we need to find an answer to. What do i need from a layout is that all my post are visible and the way they are on the page must look fresh, a little bit aggressive and unique. More than that, the layout must be easy to use. I don’t want people spending entire minutes to find something interesting to read. It’s annoying. I personally would not do that. Is it asking too much? Maybe i am. However, i never say never.

So, once i figured out what i needed, then i was the question of how.

How do i get the perfect layout?

I had two choices in fron of my eyes: either do it by myself or find some theme in internet.

Do it by myself.

It didn’t work. It still doesn’t work. I have no idea how to even start with the writing. There are people who invest a good decade to learn who to write softwares and internet pages. I tried once to see how a internet page is written and how it works. After five minutes i had the strongest headache of my entire life. No, it’s not for me! So, i had to pay someone to do the job i could not do. And here i have my biggest problem: communication. I knew how my blog needed to look, but i had no idea how to explain it. It was complicated.

Anyway, after some failures, i was able to explain my ideas successfully only once. The answer was: it’s impossible what you are asking for! That’s nice, isn’t it! You look for a long time a help and you thing to have found it the answer is: Nope! At the time i was upset. I don’t like when i see my dreams squashed away. But the poor guy was right: too much data in a too small space. It was technically impossible to have that density of information in that little tiny amount of space.

There was another little tiny problem: i was broke. Do you have any idea how much money do you need to create your own site from scratch? We are talking of thousands of Euros. At the time i had only enough money to pay for food. So much money were impossible to invest in something that might fail.

Do it by with hosting pages.

The best decision. But where? I mean, which Hosting was the best option? Well, there was no doubts about it: WordPress. 34% of the entire internet sites are on WordPress. That was the only possible choice. So, i sign in i open my blog, i buy my domain and i started with a simple layout. In that specific moment, i started to hate that layout like a christian hates gays and lesbian couples. I had only one thing in mind: get that piece of trash out of my face. Technically, looking back right now, it wasn’t that bad. But there was a huge problem: it was boring.

Yes, i had my featured space at the very top with six different posts, but below that, every single post was one under the other. If, for some reason, someone wanted to see my very first post, this poor person had to scroll for several minutes before to get there. Yes, the pictures were big and the the site looked decent, but it was impossible to use in an easy and fast way. I tried everything i could to make it easier for my potencial users, but it was all work for nothing.

Then i decided to invest money to install some themes. And it was the right choice. If you use the WordPress’ “business plan” you have access both to the SEO, which is awesome by the way, but also to something like 4500 different themes. I mean, seriously? That’s a lot of themes. I was sure to find the right them.

Finding the perfect one

After a little investment i had finally the opportunity to choose between a huge variety of layouts. The request in my mind was always the same: much more contetn as possible in the homepage. i studied Layout, after Layout to find the “perfect one”. At one point i thouhgt that Worpress was playing with me. I mean, what i say was only layout i hated the most. Nothing was good enough…technically nothing was good, point.

I needed three days. Then i finally found what i wanted. It was there, right in fron of my eyes. For the first time, i was happy with my layout. I was able to have all my categories on my homepage and for every categories a lot of posts. It was perfect. As a user myself, i could not be happier with the results! Now the user can see all i have to offer, without spending too much time.

After weeks of desperation, sadness, inner pain and frustration, i can say to have found a very good blog’s layout…until i don’t start to hate this one too!

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