Richness: The Key For Happiness

I was checking my WordPress homepage this morning and all of a sudden i found an interesting post. It’s from “Best Life Hayat” and the post is “15 things you can’t buy with money”. That makes me interesting. Is there truly thing you can’t buy with the richness? Let’s see.

The 15 Things you can’t apparentyl buy with some richness

Her entire post is based on a quote from Roy T. Bennet. For him, those 15 things are not buyable:

Time. Happiness. Inner Peace. Integrity. Love. Character. Manners. Health. Respect. Morals. Trust. Patience. Class. Common sense. Dignity.

Roy T. Bennet.

Are we sure that we can’t buy those things? Well, you can buy at least half of them. For the rest, we need to think a little bit more.

Things You can buy with richness

Time, Happiness and Inner Peace

No, sorry. You can’t buy time. It’s impossible. Are you sure? We all die. That’s for sure. But with the proper medical treatment, so with your money, you can buy some more time, delaying the end for months, maybe years. And with the medican research, countries are actually buying for us time, because we live longer, due to a better life and better cures. So, you can buy time…not so much time, but you can.

Happiness is for sure the thing you can buy with the richness you possess. People are unhappy, because they can’t do what they want, because they have to work. It’s a question of survival. Without money, you can’t do anything. And to make money, you have to spend the entire life working to make money. Technically, people are unhappy, because they don’t have time. What if you have money? You don’t need to work. So, you have all the time you want to define yourself. In less words, you have bought happiness with your bank account.

Inner Piece is a concequence of happiness. Once you have all the time you want, you can dedicate part of your day to find yourself, your truly self. You are not in a hurry. Between meditation, and listening to your instinct, it’s very possible for you to find your inner peace. So, with money you have bouth not only happiness, but also your inner peace. Not bad!


Yes…as a man love is possible with money. No, i am not talking about prostitution. There’s something the world knows: women are more or less all “gold diggers”. I know, that name is offensive, but i wanted to be as clear as possible. In this post, i said that women looks for something different in a man in love. One of those thing is a financial stability. It’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, but women look for money once they get into a relationship. If you listen carefully women always say three things about the perfect man: he must be smart, handsome and rich. Even if the word “rich” is in the end, it’s however there. The bigger the richness, the bigger the choice. Then women can decide whether to say yes or no, but technically you can buy love with money.


Seriously? Of couse you can buy health with money. The richer you are, the better medical treatment you can receive. This is not a news in this world. I don’t know in what kind of world this man has lived, but you can buy health with money. You can’t buy immortality, because the cure for immortality has been not discovered yet, but if there was one, you could buy it for sure.


Actually this is a collateral effect. Technically you can’t buy respect with richness, but for sure rich people are a little bit intimidating. Not in a bad way, but we tend to please the rich person. I don’t know, maybe because we are scared of consequences or maybe we thing that we can climb the ladder, but we show automatically respect to a rich people. At least in the very beginning. And the richer the person is, the bigger the respect.

Thing you can change with Richness

Integrity and Character

Why do i need integrity? The funny part is that with your money i will be always the same. The other people around you will change who they are to please you. And you don’t even ask for that! They do it for themselves. Money doesn’t buy integrity, because you don’t need that.

Character…again, something useless. Why do you need charachter once you are super rich? I don’t care to discuss with someone or try to convince someone esle. Once i man rich i am not forced to do anything. I don’t like a person? I don’t talk with that person! My business idea is not that great? That’s fine, let’s move on. Is someone doign something bad to me? With my lawyer i can destroy that person. I don’t need to look like a though guy. Money will do it for me. It’s the same for Integrity: money doesn’t buy Character, because i don’t need it.

Manners and Class, Moral and Dignity, Common sense

I put those three things together, because Manner, Moral and common sense are three uselss things, once you have so much money.

Manner and Class…why do you need to buy manner? Once you are rich no one will say anything to you. Are you rude with someone? So what? A “poor” person will never tell you that you are rude, because he or she is too afraid of your power. In this world, money is synonym of power and power is a scary thing. Poor people think that if they go against a rich person, this rich person will use the money (and the power) to destroy him or her.

Moral and Dignity. I can start to laugh hard right now! If you are rich, you don’t buy moral or dignity: you change it. For some weird reason, as soon as a rich person do something “not completely moral”, and the society is ok with that, poor people will do the same, because is for the society accepted. Think about slavery: rich people used poor people as a thing, the society accepted that, so it was a common thing to have a slave in your house if you had money. Slavery is immoral, but if rich people say it’s no longer immoral, then it’s moral.

Common sense is a consequence of the last two qualities: In you have manner and moral, you have also common sense. Otherwise you don’t. But it’s just a accessories. You don’t need common sense when the world will accept you, no matter what! Don’t waste your time.

It’s the same problem for integrity and character: you don’t buy it, you change it.

Thing you can’t change with richness

Trust and Patience.

It’s a very easy thing right now, Those two things are not on sell. You can do whatever you want, but it people don’t trust you or you have no patience, there’s nothing money can do. That’s it. End of the story.


Maybe the world in the last decades is changed, but one thing is for sure: with money you can buy everything. Only the uselss thing are not on sell. But to be honest: who need patience and trust, when you can pay someone else to have those qualities for you?

Yes, money make your life way much better!

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