Are Science and Religion best Friends?

Listen, it’s late in the night. I should go to bed, but the monkey in my head doesn’t give me any rest. So, i am here writing…stuff. Maybe it’s the monkey, maybe it’s because i am tired, however, for some unkonw reason, i was wondering: what if science and religion complete each other? I mean, is it so strange to talk about that?

It doesn’t really matter right now if you believe it or not. I’m not going to say that science is better than religion or viceversa. I just want to understand if we are looking the universe around us in the right way.

The Big Bang.

I want to start from here. The Big Bang’s Theory doesn’t convince me 100%. I am not saying right now that something like that never happened, but i don’t quite get how it was possible. The reason? The science says that there was nothing and after the Big Bang we had the universe. Can a scientist explain me two things:

The first one is: how is it possible that there was something so universally big if there was nothing.
The second one is: how is “Primordial Big Ball” exploded? How did it happen? Did someone go there with a lighter or what? I mean, we all “know” what happened the second after the explosion, but the second before it? We are not talking about a huge firecracker, but a mass of so dense material that all of a sudden exploded creating the Universe…the entire Universe!

Who did put all that material in the first place? Or How did all that universal material end up in the same place all together?

There’s a theory that drives me crazy: our Big Bang is the result of a compression of a previous universe. I could actually believe that, however i would have the same question: what created the previous Universe? It’s an endless headache. Right now my brain is like a dog chasing its own tail.

The “Religion” Point of view

We all know what happened: God created everything in six days, included Adam and Eve, and the seventh day he rest. It’s quite romantic, i have to tell you. However, i have probably another way to explain the creation of everything. We all know that the Universe was not created in six days, but because there was a monumental explosion. So, no matter how you want to try to sell me that little story of “the seven days”, i would never believe that!

Is God responsible for the Big Bang?

We all know that the Big Bang created the Universe. I say it right now: What if God created that explosion? Ok, i said that! I’m happy! Please, Just hear me out for one second…then you call the asylum.

Religion always says that God is all mighty. He can everything. In the Bible is described pretty detailled how he did it. What if, however, he used the Big Bang to create it? Since he/she is all mighthy, he/she knows how to do that, am i right? Actually this entire Universe might be a huge experiment, led by an All-Mighty mind. And since the Big Bang he/she’s there, controlling and taking notes of what happened.

Is it so weird to thing about it?

Is God responsible for humanity?

It is plausible that he took only few days to create the nature on Earth, but not in the way we might think. Maybe he might have created only the right condition for the creation of life. Then the planet itself did the rest. So all the Geological eras, all the creatures that lived the planet and then humanity in the en, are all the results of chaos.

Talkimg about humanity…yaybe we had for real Adam and Eve. Think about it: Adam and Eve might be the very first Homo Sapiens ever existed on Earth and they lived in the “Eden Garden”, a fertile place with abundant vegetation and animal…the perfect place to live, like Heaven on Earth. We have no idea how the world looked like for real in that days. Yes, we knew where the continten were, but we don’t know if there was a “perfect place”. And since that moment, the Bible might actually tell the truth about humanity…in its own way, but theoreticall it might not be so far away from the truth. Maybe we should just read it and think a little bit outside the box! Like Jesus as a time traveler, you know?

The “science” point of view

Now comes the science. The key is to understand what is science. Here i want to write the definition of science:

“knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, esp. as obtained and tested through scientific method [and] concerned with the physical world.”

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

Technically, science doesn’t create aynthing. Well, now we create things, but why are we able to create things with science? Because with science we learn things. What things? Well, everything around us, literally everything. And who did create what we are able to learn?

Technically science and religion are not one against the other. God created everything, science will help us to understand what he/she created, how the entire creation works and all the different way we can use all the things around us. Think about pretroleum. God made sure we had petroleum. Humanity, with curiousiry and science, has realised both that with that material we can travel (gasoline, for example), conserve things (plastic and polystyrene), and how to produce these new products from petroleum.

Without science we would not be in the position to understand how the world works. We would still think that the Sun, the fire, the water and the stars were ruled by some random Gods.


Probably we have always thought wrong. For some reason religion and science thought they were right and the other side completely wrong. The problem is that we are talking about God. In the past, even David Copperfield would have been a God. Maybe God is an all mighty for real, not because of an angelic nature, but because his technology is way too far from our comprehension.

I mean, if my ideas are true, that man was able to create a freaking Universe. And here we are, struggling like crazy to fight a virus. To put in perspective, if God is a human being, we are bug.

See ya


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