Happy Birthday to me! (+30)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mauro, Happy Birthday to you! I am officially a thirty-years-old man. My twenties are gone and now the thirty are in front of me. “How do i feel?” Oh, thanks for asking…you are too kind. Well, let me tell you something: I’m fine. I mean, People sometimes get sad, because they are in their thirty, but i am fine. If i have to look back of my last decade, it was a hell of a journey!

August, 28th 2013

Why is this date so important? Because it was day one of my new life. On August 28th 2013 i left Italy forever and i move to Germany. The funny part, although is not so funny after all, is that i still have no idea if this choice was a wise one. I mean, when i took it, i was convinced to get into a serious country, but now i am not sure if Germany is so serious after all.

Since that date, it started fro me a pretty challenging time.

New Language and New People

I had to learn German. It was a forced move. If i wanted to live in Germany i had to learn the language. Otherwise would have been pretty hard to live in a country where nobody could understand me. In the meantime i had to learn how German people live too. I had my thoughts about how German people might live in their houses. I would be happy to say that all my thoughts were wrong, but i can’t. They were exactly how i picture them. No, i am not gonna tell you how i pictured German people.

The course last nine months. In those nine months i learnt a language and how people thought and lived. I felt good. It didn’t feel like home, it was too soon, but i felt inside the community. I understood them, they understood me. It was all fine. Then i had to make the next step.

Trying To Work in Germany.

I had to find a job, because i needed money. How? That was the key. One thing was for me clear. I had to start again from the beginning, because my educational qualification was not valid in Germany. So, i had to go back to school…although i promised myself not to go back to school anymore. But i had to. There’s was no other choice.

One thing i want to get out my chest: damn if the German companies are haughty. They love to feel wanted and desired. Technically, you get the job in two steps: licking and lying. That’s something i learnt only once inside the German economy. In Italy it was pretty easy: you send your curriculum and the school reports. If the company is interested, it calls you for an interview. Not in Germany.

In Germany you have to send your curriculum, all your school reports and a letter. In this letter you must explain why you are good for the place they are offering. And in this letter you have to lick “you know what”, without giving the impression you are actually liking “you know what”. More than that, in this letter you have to sell yourself as much as you can possibly, but not too much. In Germany there are people who are specialized to write for you this letter. I know of people who lies, just to get the job.

I have an apprenticeship!

To make a good impression with my letter i needed weeks, tons of “no, thank you! You are not what we are looking for!” and my sister. in September 2016 all the hard work paid off: i find my first apprenticeship (my education qualification was not valid, remember?). It was a apprenticeship as a surveyor. After i realized that i should have worked late in the night, i quit. I last three days. Not good, i would say.

Since the apprenticeships start in September, i had to wait an entire year. In September 2017 i find another apprenticeship. This time it was an apprenticeship as import and export clerk. I last three months, then i was fired. Shit company, shit colleagues and i felt like they had no idea what to do with me. Luckily it last only few months.

Then another 9 months passed. I was 25 year old and i started to become a little bit older for this kind of apprenticeship. Luckily i found my third and last apprenticeship as a import and export clerk. It was all fine in the first year. Then, for some reason, everything started to fall apart. After my apprenticeship i should have had a contract. It didn’t happen. I became an import and export clerk, but i was unemployed.

A Life changing choice

Few months later i found my very first job. It was a small company where everyone did everything. The idea to work there was good, because i could learn everything in a short amount of time. In truth it was a nightmare. I sit on my chair doing nothing all day, every day, for four months. There’s something with the doing nothing: you get stressed. I got to the point where my brain just shut down. It was a bad moment. After that breakdown i quit the job and i decided to take my life in my hand and start my own thing.

finding my path

The key was being happy and make money. What does make me happy? I knew it, but i wasn’t so brave enough to speak out loud. Instead i heard other voices that advised me wrong, even if they did for the right reason and with love. I opened an online shop. The wrongest decision i could take. I didn’t want to do that! I found it boring and with any kind of sense for me.

But i wanted to build something. So, in November 2021 i started the “Ironically All-Rounder”, my personal space where i can be myself!

I still don’t have money, but i am happy and today i celebrate my thirtieth birthday with a smile on my face, knowing i am doing what i love the most: writing and connecting!

Happy Birthday to Me!

See ya


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