The Goddess of Drawing Heather Rooney!

Technically, she’s not a proper celebrity, because she’s not on magazine and very few people talks about her. But she’s an example for lot of young boy and girls who use pencil to express their art. For me she’s the exact definition of a goddess of Drawing! Do you have any idea who she is? Excellent, it’s time for you to learn something more!

Her Talent in Drawing.

She’s an artist. Let’s start from there. More specifically she uses pencil to draw things. And this definition would be like saying that Formula One are just cars. She’s definitely much more than a drawer. She’s able to create everything from nothing. The only things she needs are a picture, a quite place, all her pencils, time and let her talent free to run wild.

And what she does is a gift to the entire world. Those are not pictures, are photos. You won’t believe that those pictures are made by a human being. The first thing you will say is “Oh, what a wonderful photo! Where did you take it?” and her answer is “No, it’s not a photo! Actually is something i drew in the last couple of weeks!” And you will be there, without knowing what to say. I mean, what would you say in those moments? I would feel bad with myself, very small and absolutely miserable. It’s not her fault, absolutely not, but too much talent in just one person is too much to handle all in once.

If you gave me a picture, a white piece of paper and pencil, asking me to reproduce that picture, the only thing i would be able to do is cry. I would have no idea where even to begin. While she would be there, with all her talent and beauty, drawing that picture better than the picture itself, like it was something normal. When it’s not!

Youtube Carrer: A drawing channel

I discovered her completely randomly. I wasn’t looking for some speed drawing and i had no interest in watching speed drawing on youtube. She was the very first channel related to art i started to follow. How did i find out her existance on youtube? Well, when youtube recommended a “Taylor Swift” videos, i had the tendency to click on it (yes, i have a little weak spot for her). In that specifc moment, it wasn’t an interview, but a speed drawing. I could not believe in what i was watching. I thought it was a fake video…you know? Then i got into her channel and i watch another video, just to be sure, then another one, and another one. In the end i watch all of them.

I became a little bit obsessed with her talent. It was like seeing God in action. I had to witness this perfection as much as i could. She’s on youtube since 2012 and since that moment she illuminated this platform with a very bright light.

New Your and Kevin Hart.

She became so popular in internet that two years ago she had the amazing opportunity to show her art at the “New York City Art Show”. If you were in New York and you had some money to invest, you should buy a ticket and witness with your own eyes, how much perfection a human being can deliver.

Cherry on top, Kevin Hart (yes, the actor and comedian Kevin Hart) has one of her picture. She drew a picture with him, Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle (The trinity of stand up comedy comedy) with only a graphite pencile. You could not believe the cure for the detail in that picture. However, I don’t know if that picture was paid by Mr. Hart, or she painted that picture just because it was a wonderful picture. It doesn’t matter! What’s matter that she was so talented and famous that even a huge Hollywood superstar was amazed by her. What can you ask more?

What does she do now?

Well, probably she is drawing something insane? Or she’s trying to find a way to make other human beings look like useless living beings? If i had so much talent, i would do that! But she’s too much humble. She will be in her studio, or at home, drawing another masterpiece and improving her skills, if there’s the need to improve what’s already perfect.

Actually i have no idea what she does outside internet! I thing, looking all her piece of art, that people call her to draw something for them, under high remuneration (as it should be). That’s my idea, i don’t know. I would be glad to know from her directly!


If you want to see how far perfection can go, i really recommend you to see what she’s able to do. Whit a pice of paper, a graphite pencil and some colour she’s able to reach level of beauty that anybody in the world is able to achieve in my opinion.

Thank you for making my eyes and my heart happy Heather!

See ya


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